Dissdia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is Celebrating its 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Square Enix

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is celebrating its fourth anniversary. There's a lot of exciting in-game content to experience and new rewards to earn. There are also limited-time challenges, campaigns, and missions for everyone to take on. All of these are available in the game until March 2.

For example, there are Anniversary Campaigns that allow players to build up their rosters through various campaigns which include:

  • Double EXP for all characters.
  • Triple cycle quest rewards and triple appearance rate for Kactuar.
  • Carbuncle’s Treasures quests.

There are also these Anniversary Exclusive Events:

  • Crevasse: Until February 14
  • Abyss Perfectum Floor 6: February 4 to February 18
  • Challenge Campaign Event: February 9 to February 23

Other events that players can expect are:

  • GL-First Garnet BT Weapon
    • Available until February 23.
    • Players can obtain Garnet’s BT Weapon, which features a special burst attack reminiscent of the Final Fantasy IX summon Alexander.
  • GL-First Garnet Costume
    • Players can outfit Garnet with her wedding dress shown at the end of Final Fantasy IX, from a limited-time gem bundle available until February 23.

There will be more than 10 Free First Multi Draws where players can enjoy free first multi draws on over 10 select banners. Details include:

  • Free Daily Multi Draw
    • Available until March 2, with each banner lasting 5 days before being replaced by a new one.
    • Each banner features different Final Fantasy titles.
    • These special banners feature all previous LD and EX weapons released before January 24 for characters from the respective titles.
  • New Player “Novice Support” Panel Missions
    • These new permanent panel missions help new players become updated with the different rewards to enhance their characters, gear, and summons.
  • ​New and Returning Player “Enhancement” Panel Missions
    • Available until March 2.
    • These limited-time missions reward new and returning players with ultima weapon materials, enhancement points, and power stones.
  • Daily Missions and Chocobo Panel Missions
    • Available until March 2.
    • Players can complete Daily Missions and Chocobo Panel Missions to earn draw tickets, realization materials, and enhancement points, to name a few.

There’s also the 10% Gem-Back Campaign available until March 2. What happens is 10% of gems purchased during the event period are given as a free gift to the player at the end of the campaign.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for free at Google Play and the App Store.

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