Did A Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Leak Reveal 'Infected Monsters'?

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Rainbow Six Siege monster
The Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera Outbreak Event will introduce some new enemies like this spiky fellow. RainbowLeaks

The Rainbow Six Siege White Noise Mid-Season Reinforcement finally went live on Tuesday and brought changes and balances to several operators. However, players already anticipate the next Rainbow Six update—the Year 3 Season One “Operation Chimera” and its Outbreak Event.

The excitement for the new Outbreak game mode is no secret, and Ubisoft’s RainbowLeaks page has also done its part to drum up the hype. Previously, RainbowLeaks had unlocked two files, which we covered a last month. On Tuesday, redditor Luca_b94 shared a megathread of the third and final Outbreak Easter Egg file.

First, the latest leaks were uncovered from hints hidden within Kafe Dostoyevsky. Via RainbowLeaks, File #3 begins with the following description:

We were supposed to rendezvous with our supporters among the Russian hacking community for a tete-a-tete, but our flight got delayed. By the time we reached Kafe Dostoyevsky, everything had gone sideways. They’re saying terrorism but I’m saying cover-up and that tells me we’re closer to the truth than ever. Unfortunately this means our channels are in danger of getting compromised. I’ll be scrubbing our sites and clearing all our dead drops. We’ll have to go to ground for a while; this is our last drop at this location.

Let me be absolutely clear… they’ve cordoned off Truth or Consequences and there’re reports of gunfire and explosions. That means the citizens of T or C know the truth, and we owe it to them to spill the beans on what’s happening. I stand with Truth or Consequences, and we will learn their story.


Rainbow Leaks 3 01
Are there five different infected enemies? Photo: RainbowLeaks

The situation at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, is dire and apparently, the small town has become a war zone. Pictures from the leak paint a very bleak tale as well. The first picture is an infographic illustration from a newspaper stating a “Parasite Ecosystem” with parasite spikes infecting humans. Intriguingly, the parasite can affect humans, and possibly animals, in different ways. To the right of the newspaper is an illustration with five different pictures of what are presumably the infected. On the far right is a sinister and presumably giant infected that may cause players a lot of trouble.


Rainbow Leaks 3 02
Spiky giant does not look friendly. Photo: RainbowLeaks

The second image shows a closer look at the spikey giant. What’s more, the spikes seem to grow on all the inorganic wall and ceiling structures as well. The image to the right clearly shows a human, but three thin spikes that are hardly visible on his back show that he is an infected. Finally, the picture on the bottom shows a man with spikes on his shoulders running from the camera. Also note the post-it note on the bottom left corner: “Advise National Guard!”


Rainbow Leaks 3 03
Is this how the infection spreads? Photo: RainbowLeaks

The third image apparently shows medical reports of certain patients from the CDC. To the left shows “1rst Symptoms” of the infection. Eventually, the illustration reveals the spikes will grow up the patients arm, shoulders, neck, and head, eventually reaching a point of “brain control.” To the right, the spikes seem to overwhelm the entire body. Notes on the bottom are just as ominous: “Patients rioting?! Turning??”


Rainbow Leaks 3 04
Witness Statement shares an encounter with the inflicted. Photo: RainbowLeaks

The fourth image features a vivid Witness Statement from a civilian on a military transport truck. One particularly shocking excerpt from the report reads, “By the time I get my head up, we’re past the Hummer. It’s a fucking wreck, like it got T-boned by a tank or something.” The object that struck the Hummer was described in vague detail, but let’s face it, we’re all convinced it’s that spikey giant.


Rainbow Leaks 3 05
Transcript offers this advice: "Bomb this place—that's your cure." Photo: RainbowLeaks

Finally, the fifth and final image is a transcript between two military personnel regarding the “cure” to the outbreak. One man says, “You can’t treat a wildfire. You can only contain it until it starves itself to death. Tell them to bomb this place, Gene. That’s your cure.”

Are you excited for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera’s Outbreak Event? Stay tuned as we learn more in the weeks ahead.

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