Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Leaks Revealed Ahead Of Chimera Update

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RB6 Outbreak
Rainbow Six Siege's new co-op Outbreak is slated to arrive with Season 1's Operation Chimera. Rainbow Six Siege

Last month, Rainbow Six Siege shared its Year 3 roadmap, which teased future DLCs coming in 2018. The Year 3 Season 1 update, code-named Operation Chimera, features an intriguing Outbreak Event with a "quarantine and biohazard" theme, including two operators with specific biohazard expertise. Obviously, the hints stirred incredible buzz among Siege forums as many fans are desperate to know what exactly Outbreak will deliver. Apparently, the Siege team has dropped additional clues in the form of Easter eggs as well.

Oregon Map QR code
A poster of a QR code and the text "www.rainbowleaks.org" was discovered in Oregon. Photo: Rainbow Six Siege

The first Easter egg was discovered in the Oregon map, which was a poster of a QR code with the text "www.rainbowleaks.org" underneath. However, the QR code was unscannable until players could figure out the missing pixels located in the middle of the code. Subtle coordinates were scattered in pieces of paper hidden through the map. Ultimately, the completed QR code opened a URL that displayed this piece of text: @rX9p]7'CKr-. The jumble of random letters turn out to be a password that can be entered in rainbowleaks.org to open a locked "File #1" on the page. Players received the following text and five images:

My Fellow Facters, we have an opportunity to get ahead of a lie before it becomes another cover-up. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is experiencing an outbreak and the Feds are a little too quick to send “help,” almost like they’ve been prepared. We’ve managed to smuggle intel out of Truth or Consequences through an ARNG associate of the Manifest Destiny Militia. They share our distrust of FEMA and I can’t do this alone. We need all hands on deck here. So whatever your sources, whatever you can provide, share it here so we can all benefit from it.

Here’s what we know so far: Truth or Consequences is suffering an outbreak of an undetermined nature. The CDC is front and center, and the National Guard is rendering assistance, but all the pieces fell in place way too easily. This has false flag written all over it, but who’s the bad guy here. So give me what you got… let’s add to this database before someone Jimmy Hoffa’s all the evidence.

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera File #1
Infection causes "vertigo, blurred vision, confusion..." Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Chimera File #1
Ripped letter Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Chimera File #1
Pathogen Infection Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Chimera File #1
Infectious Disease report Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Chimera File #1
Officials transcript Photo: RainbowLeaks

The nature of the images indicate the outbreak affects a wide number of civilians, but the Feds are still uncertain about the nature of the infection or how to contain it. A ripped official report also suggests the need to keep the sensitive details a secret. This comes as no surprise: both elements are classic zombie tropes.

Thanks to a Rainbow Six Outbreak Easter egg MegaThread on Reddit, we have the password to “File #2” as well: CntGnSitPoaPoR (you can learn more about this password from wiki.gamedetectives.net). The latest file shares the following:

The President’s plane got attacked! It’s been grounded! Tell me this isn’t coincidence? Was the President trying to shut it down? Was he too close to the lies? Is this Phase II of the Truth or Consequences operation? I’ll tell you something the timing is terrible. It may have cost us a Facter within the inner circle who was helping us. He fired off some intel before the plane went dark, but what did he leave behind? We’ll never know but we’ll have to move carefully. They’re playing for keeps so that means the stakes are high. Keep that data coming, don’t let them derail the train! I’ll have more for you after we talk to some of our friends in the Russian hacking community.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak
"people are dying!! the army is making sure nothing gets out! What is happening!!" Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak
"Spikes spreading all over Town!" Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak
An aerial shot reveals black spots that dot an area. Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak
"The National Guard are not equipped to handle this situation... foreign operatives render assistance in this time." Photo: RainbowLeaks
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak
The injured are mostly soldiers. Photo: RainbowLeaks

Apparently, the outbreak has escalated rather quickly and even our president isn’t safe. The first attached image shares a news story with a post-it note that reads, “people are dying!! The army is making sure nothing gets out! What is happening!!” What’s more, images also exhibit bizarre changes to the New Mexico terrain. Enormous spikes are popping up across the town. But what sort of pathogen outbreak could cause changes to the area’s surface?

A shredded letter also reveals the National Guard and other agencies have completely lost control over the outbreak. The letter also reveal foreign operatives are tasked to respond to the situation (last month, Siege announced French and Russian operators will accompany the DLC). Finally, the last image is a phone call transcript that reveals most who are injured from the situation are soldiers.

The Siege community currently awaits for more details to surface on RainbowLeaks. Are you excited for Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming “Chimera” update and Outbreak co-op? Let us know your thoughts of the leaked files in the comment section below!

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