Diablo Immortal: New Event Rewards Players with Crests and Legendary Gems by Completing Bounties or Elder Rifts

April 26 Update
April 26 Update Twitter/@DiabloImmortal

Diablo Immortal has a lot of content to offer but some of the top ones, like the Accursed Towers or Battlegrounds, are only enjoyed by those who spend much money on the game. The good news is there’s a new event that actually rewards everyone who plays diligently.

New Event

From now until May 4, Diablo Immortal is running the Trials of the Warrior event that rewards players with Rare Crests and Legendary Gems just by completing bounties or Elder Rifts.

There are numerous tiers from Bronze to Diamond and players will be put in these ranks based on the number of activities they have accomplished in the said time frame. Here’s a rundown:

  • Bronze Tier (1 Bounty or Elder Rift): 1 Rare Crest
  • Silver Tier (10 Bounties or Elder Rifts): 1 Rare Crest and 1 random One-Star Legendary Gem
  • Gold Tier (30 Bounties or 20 Elder Rifts): 1 Rare Crest and 2 random One-Star Legendary Gems
  • Platinum Tier (40 Bounties or 30 Elder Rifts): 1 Rare Crest and 3 random One-Star Legendary Gems
  • Diamond Tier (50 Bounties or 40 Elder Rifts): 1 Rare Crest and 4 random One-Star Legendary Gems

Now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, players can only receive the reward for the highest tier they have achieved and not the preceding tiers. For instance, those who end up in the Gold Tier can only get a Rare Crest and two random One-Star Legendary Gems and not the ones from the Bronze and Silver tiers. And second, players must log in the week following the event to claim their rewards.

Gated Gear Requirement Change

The latest update also made a significant change to gated gear requirements. Now, all gear drops from activities not tied to Hell Difficulties, like Elder Rifts, are no longer unlocked through Challenge Rift progression. Instead, they are unlocked by defeating Helliquary bosses.

For those who are new to Diablo Immortal, here are the bosses that must be killed to unlock Hell difficulties:

  • Felling Lassal the Flame-spun unlocks Hell Difficulty I
  • Felling Vitaath the Shivering Death unlocks Hell Difficulty II
  • Felling Gorgothra the Claimer unlocks Hell Difficulty III
  • Felling Beledwe and Gishtur unlocks Hell Difficulty IV
  • Felling Izilech the Misshapen unlocks Hell Difficulty V

By the looks of it, this change was made to encourage players to group up with others, likely as a means of improving the game’s dwindling population.

Diablo Immortal's latest update is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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