Diablo Immortal: March 30 Update Introduces Banquet of Eyes Set Items and Three New Legendary Gems

March 30 Update
March 30 Update Twitter/@DiabloImmortal

Diablo Immortal players can get their hands on some pretty neat stuff in the game’s latest update, including new set items and three new legendary gems.

New Set Items

Players can now farm certain dungeons in Diablo Immortal to complete the new Banquet of Eyes set. This set was made to enhance builds that specialize in damage over time (DoT) mechanics.

Its two-piece bonus increases the damage done by DoT effects by 15%. The four-piece bonus improves the player’s critical hit chance by 2.5% for every DoT effect they inflict on nearby enemies. This bonus stacks up to 25%.

Those who complete the entire set will enter a state known as “Poison Rage” whenever a DoT effect is applied to the enemy. Every damage players deal while in this state will cause the enemy to corrode, dealing additional damage over a three-second period.

Now, the Banquet of Eyes’ set pieces can only be found in the following dungeons:

  • Bilious Bandlet (Ring): Dread Reaver
  • Cavern's Regard (Belt): Forgotten Tower
  • Hex Walkers (Feet): Mad King's Breach
  • Seeping Bandlet (Ring): Dread Reaver
  • Spurned Charity (Amulet): Kikuras Rapids
  • Teargrip (Hands): Tomb of Fahir
Banquet of Eyes Set
Banquet of Eyes Set Blizzard

New Legendary Gems

The game’s latest patch also introduced three new legendary gems. The first is Lo's Focused Gaze - a one-star gem that increases the damage inflicted by the player's Charge Skills by 20%.

Pain Clasp is a new two-star gem in Diablo Immortal that complements DoT builds. This gem increases damage dealt by 24% to enemies suffering from a continuous damage effect. Moreover, when players are near enemies suffering from continuous damage, their movement speed is increased by 6%.

And the last gem of the bunch is called Gloom Cask. This five-star gem empowers the player’s primary attacks, causing them to unleash an Aspect of Gloom for six seconds. When the Aspect of Gloom is active, the player’s primary attacks will trigger gloom blades that deal 68% of their base damage plus 275. On top of that, enemies hit by the gloom blades take 24% increased damage from primary attacks for three seconds. Take note that the gem’s effect cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.

Take That Annoying Helmet Off

Hide Helmet Cosmetic Option
Hide Helmet Cosmetic Option Blizzard

After updating to the latest version, players must pay the Westmarch Barber a visit. Why? Because the barber now allows them to hide their helmets for select cosmetic sets. To do this, all they have to do is press the new “Hide Helmet” button at the bottom left corner of the cosmetic preview skin.

Diablo Immortal March 30 update is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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