Diablo III: Witch Doctors Got Buffed Significantly in Latest Update

Patch 2.7.4 PTR
Patch 2.7.4 PTR Twitter/@Diablo

Blizzard implemented a new batch of changes in Patch 2.7.4, currently available on the public test realm (PTR). For those unaware, the main theme for Season 27 is the Angelic Crucible, an item that “sanctifies” any legendary equipment in Diablo III and imbues them with one of the three new class-specific powers when used. That said, the Witch Doctor got substantially buffed thanks to the recent changes.

The Witch Doctor was overlooked by Blizzard for far too long, so it is nice to see that this class finally got some love in Patch 2.7.4. Anyway, the Witch Doctor gains new sanctified powers.

First, Locust Swarm and Piranhas now have a nice synergy in this update. You see, enemies affected by Locust Swarm are now also Haunted, and casting Piranhas will pull all haunted enemies within 60 yards into the pool. If you have the Bogadile rune equipped, the Bogadile will deal massive damage to any elites and bosses it stuns. What’s more, lesser enemies stunned by the Bogadile get instantly killed.

The second sanctified power empowers the Horrify ability. Horrify now becomes an aura that causes enemies to receive 100% more damage and deal 15% less damage to you, in addition to its other effects. This is perfect for those using the Jade Harvester set with a build that relies heavily on the Horrify/Soul Harvest combo to kill enemies.

If you like using the Witch Doctor’s pet builds, you’ll definitely love the last sanctified power for the said class. That’s because the Witch Doctor now summons a couple of Gargantuans and three Zombie Dogs from time to time. Not only that but also Gargantuans gain the effect of the Restless Giant rune, while Zombie Dogs gain the effect from all runes. To top it all, enemies hit by Sacrifice are now Immolated, causing them to take 100% more damage from your pets.

Aside from the things mentioned above, Diablo III’s latest PTR update includes the following changes:

  • Casting Vengeance unleashes a barrage of rockets that deal damage equal to a percentage of the maximum life enemies possess. The number of rockets fired increases over 30 seconds. Elites and Bosses receive less damage per rocket.
  • Firing Cluster Arrow no longer drops explosive ordinance. Instead, it concentrates its explosive force into piercing rays of light.
  • Hammer of the Ancients hits in all directions around the Barbarian. Every tenth cast of Hammer of the Ancients unleashes a powerful shockwave.
    • The shockwave now deals 10x damage.
  • The Shattering Light rune now respects which way you’re facing when you strike the bell, and your bells can no longer proc your own bells.

So, what can you say about the Witch Doctor’s new sanctified powers?

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