Devolver Digital's 'Big Fancy E3 Press Conference' 2019 - Here's How To Watch, And What To Expect

Expect more antics from Nina Struthers, as well as new additions to the Devolver lore.
The E3 conference for real gamers is back in town.
The E3 conference for real gamers is back in town. Devolver Digital

The stage is set for another year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, 2019 edition. This iteration is shaping up to be one of the biggest the industry will experience, as we are now moving into the next generation of consoles. This essentially means more titles to be teased, revealed or outright dropped – so stay tuned here with us for our coverage of the event all gamers will be watching worldwide.

It's time to look at renowned indie publisher Devolver Digital, and its upcoming ‘Big Fancy Press Conference,’ which is now on its third iteration. The ‘Big Fancy Press Conference’ is notable for bringing a different, satirical take to E3, making hilarious and not-too-serious jabs at industry issues, while also managing to announce a lineup of the publisher’s games. It’s expected to be hosted, once again, by the fictional chief ‘synergy’ officer Nina Struthers, played by actress Mahria Zook. Back in 2017, Devolver tackled early access titles, while last year it presented the ‘Lootboxcoin,’ an item that has no value to speak of whatsoever. God only knows what they’re planning this year, but it’s sure to be a fun, wacky adventure that will definitely make more sense as a delirious fever dream.

That said, here’s how you can watch Devolver Digital and their ‘Big Fancy Press Conference,’ along with what you can expect from said coverage.

How to watch Devolver Digital’s ‘Big Fancy Press Conference’

Devolver Digital’s ‘Big Fancy Press Conference’ for E3 2019 will air on a single video platform, Twitch, on June 9. However, in case you you missed it, the VOD will be available on Devolver's YouTube channel. Here’s a list of the times for the most popular time zones.

  • NA East – 10:00PM ET
  • NA West – 7:00PM PT
  • Britain – June 10, Monday, 3:00AM BST
  • Central Europe – June 10, Monday, 4:00AM CEST
  • Australia – June 10, Monday, 12:00PM AEST
  • Hong Kong – June 10, Monday, 10:00AM HKT

What to expect from Devolver Digital’s ‘Big Fancy Press Conference’

Aside from the usual crazy stuff that’s bound to happen, Devolver Digital has released a tweet saying to expect “fantastic new games.” The tweet then goes on to say that one of them will cost $5,000. Now, whether or not that game is actually real or is just a meme, the conference just got a lot more interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for our coverage of Devolver Digital’s ‘Big Fancy Press Conference,’ and have a great E3!

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