Devolver Digital Confirms E3 2019 Appearance On June 9 - Stage Is Set For The Anti-E3 Conference

'Tomorrow's unethical business practices - today!'
The E3 conference for real gamers is back in town.
The E3 conference for real gamers is back in town. Devolver Digital

The biggest press conference in the history of E3 has been given a date, and it’s going to be the most hyped, pumped-up event, filled with absolute absurdity that no man alive will be able to comprehend its glory.

I’m not talking about Death Stranding, if that’s what you’re thinking, but that’s pretty close. No, I’m talking about small-time publisher Devolver Digital’s ‘Big Fancy Press Conference,’ a celebration of what makes E3 such a wonderful, consumer-friendly and not-corporate-at-all event. The publisher has been doing their own stream since 2017, and it has become somewhat of an E3 tradition now. You can check out their debut back in 2017 in the video below.

It’s a really interesting concept that reminds me of an Eric Andre or Tim and Eric sketch, if you were to watch one of those while under a high fever and drugged out of your wits. The Devolver stream mostly pokes fun at an industry that’s out of touch with its consumers, and features biting satire with regards to greed and blatant consumerism. At its simplest, though, Devolver's E3 stream is a fun and different way to experience game reveals, and as such I believe that Devolver Digital is one of the few left in the industry that knows how to market their games without said marketing sounding like pre-approved corporate scripts.

Their E3 appearance for this year was teased in a tweet by the studio’s official Twitter page, and the stage is set for June 9 at 10:00 p.m. EDT. The tweet also highlights the last scene found in their 2018 conference. In it, host Nina Struthers is undergoing surgery to get some mech replacements after her mishap at the 2018 conference, suggesting we may see some changes made to her person. How deep this lore goes exactly, no one knows; what’s sure is we will probably get something more absurd than their last conference.

As for games, Devolver Digital has quite the lineup. We may get to see My Friend Pedro, which is due to be released this year and is currently my most anticipated title. Devolver might also bring new news or footage of the upcoming remaster of Xbox cult classic Metal Wolf Chaos, which was developed originally by FromSoftware.

In any case, if you are tired of the usual run-of-the-mill conferences run by suits and people you are absolutely sure do not play video games at all, check Devolver Digital’s conference and see some actual marketing magic happen.

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