Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed February Patch Squashes Dozens of Bugs

Destroy All Humans 2
Destroy All Humans 2 Black Forest Games/Steam

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed February update is here and it brings a tsunami of bug fixes. The patch doesn’t add any new content but squashed dozens of bugs, including some stability-related issues.

Furon handbook entries now unlock properly, and the music issue during ARK16 is fixed. Jukebox now plays every song and audio issues during multiple cutscenes are addressed. The bug where OJ18 - The Ravages of Mohgra would fail without any reason has been fixed, and Natalia won’t get stuck in the escort mission “SM15 - You Only Live 137 Times” anymore.

Other changes are mentioned below.

  • Fixed random issues with Blisk enemies and Agent Oranchov showing wrong behavior when the Dislocator was used.
  • Fixed some stability issues where the combination of Saucer destruction on a city, followed by a player death thus restarting/reloading the last checkpoint would cause hangs or freezes.
  • Fixed a balancing issue when Quantum Deconstructor and Sonic Boom are used together, causing the Quantum Deconstructor to do less damage.
  • Fixed some saucer camera behavior especially for looking down causing judders.
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by the alert level modification player cheat persisting wrongly across reloads.
  • Fixed a replay issue from the Holopox deck (mission 06 – “No Pox Please We're British”).
  • Fixed so the Dislocator will not lose ammo under certain circumstances in Solaris.
  • Fixed SFX issues in Takoshima.
  • Fixed a number of respawn issues in water.
Stability Issues
  • Fixed a rare crash in Takoshima when the alert level is raised.
  • Fixed a rare crash after an attack wave in mission 20 - "The Comrade Who Came From The Cold."
  • Fixed a rare crash at the end of mission 2 - "Where Have All The Flower Children Gone?"
Community-reported Issues Fixed
  • Fixed a rare crash whilst exiting the Jukebox.
  • Fixed that the Moghra egg in OddJob 18 – “The Ravages of Mohgra” is overly sensitive to disturbance.
  • Fixed so the proximity detector is now functioning when discovering Furotech Cell or Artefacts in Takoshima.
  • Fixed an issue after Photo Mode in Solaris, where Crypto's breathing bubble is active in Bodysnatch.
  • Fixed audio issues during a cutscene after completing Arkvoodle mission 16 – “The Coming of Arkvoodle.”
  • Fixed audio issues during a cutscene in mission 16 – “Kojira Kaiju Battle.”
  • Fixed an audio issue during a cutscene in OddJob 01 – “I Left My Parts In San Fran... Err, Bay City.”

The complete changelog of Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed February patch is available on Steam.

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