Destiny 2 Shows Off New Beyond Light Exotic Weapons and Gear

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Beyond Light Exotic Weapons and Gear
Beyond Light Exotic Weapons and Gear collider

Bungie just released a teaser trailer that highlights some of the new exotic weapons and gear coming to Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion. The weapons look aesthetically pleasing, and match the theme of the cold weather found in Beyond Light.

Bungie has teased quite a few exotics for the Beyond Light expansion which include:

  • No Time To Explain
  • Cloudstrike
  • The Lament
  • Icefall Mantle
  • Mask of Bakris
  • Athyr’s Embrace
  • Precious Scars

No Time To Explain:

This new exotic pulse rifle returns ammo after the player hits precision shots while the enemy is affected by Stasis, which is the new element added with the release of Beyond Light. The gun seems to summon a portal that shoots projectiles from another dimension. This seems like a weapon that would be really powerful in PvP.


This exotic sniper rifle casts lightning strikes after the player hits precision shots. The Cloudstrike seems to deal a ton of damage at any range and will be really useful for raids and fighting bosses.

The Lament:

The Lament is an exotic sword that looks like a chainsaw. The sword is used for destroying those annoying barriers enemies have, and the best part is that players get healed during the process. Don’t forget you can also deflect using swords, which makes this a really good weapon for close-range situations.

Icefall Mantle:

This is a new exotic Titan glove that replaces barricades with an overshield, which is one of the best features a Titan boasts. It will be really powerful for PvP and PvE allowing players to tank more damage.

Mask of Bakris:

Players wanted the blink ability back and Bungie responded with a new ability called shift. While the ability takes away a Hunter’s ability to dodge, they can shift through space and time, making Hunters unpredictable.

Athyr’s Embrace:

Hunters get superior weighted knives that apparently bounce off walls and have a homing feature. This seems like a pretty cool gauntlet for Hunter players who like messing around in PvP.

Precious Scars:

Titan players seem to be getting yet another overpowered helmet that creates a shielding aura when players are revived. This will be a must-have helmet for PvP and Trials Of Osiris as it gives a major advantage to players.

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