Explore Europa And What It Has To Offer With Destiny 2's Latest Trailer

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Destiny 2 Europa
Destiny 2 Europa PlayStation LifeStyle

Bungie has shared more details about Destiny 2’s latest destination, Europa. Europa will be heavily featured in the upcoming Beyond Light expansion, which will be released on November 10. The new expansion also introduces three new subclasses for the latest Stasis elemental power. More details about the light Stasis can be found over here.

The new trailer from Destiny’s YouTube page presents a voice over from one of the characters from the original Destiny, Variks. Variks presents a preview of what we can expect on Europa, along with the Stranger and the Cosmodrome returning in this expansion.

Additionally, in the trailer we see Europa being filled with the presence of the Dark Empire. We also see the Guardians using the new Stasis power that will be obtainable in Beyond Light along with some new enemy variants such as Vex that swoop down and explode in front of Guardians.

Bungie has updated their website, giving a detailed view of Europa and also stating that players will find lost Golden Age technology under the thick Europa ice which has not been disturbed for centuries.

Europa is divided into five zones: Beyond, Charon’s Crossing, Cadmus Ridge, Asterion Abyss, and Eventide Ruins.

  • Beyond is a huge region of ice where an old friend awaits near the giant pyramid spaceship.
  • Charon’s Crossing is the main center of Europa’s communications and the origin of the distress signal sent by Variks.
  • Cadmus Ridge is a snowy area where you can find the Bray Exoscience facility buried under a pile of snow.
  • Asterion Abyss is a region where Vex structures extrude from underneath the surface of the moon.
  • Eventide Ruins is a place which was once home to thousands of settlers. The only remains are of Clovis Bray’s colony.

Like every other season, Bungie will release three variants of the expansion. The Standard edition, Standard edition + Season Pass, and a Deluxe edition. The Standard edition will include the Beyond Light expansion only. The Standard edition + Season Pass includes the Beyond Light expansion and access to the season pass content. Lastly, the Deluxe edition includes the Beyond Light expansion, access to the season pass content, and a slew of Exotic content like a freeze tag emote, a new pulse rifle, catalyst, sparrow, and ornament.

So, what are your thoughts on the new expansion trailer? Are you excited for the return of some content from the original Destiny? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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