Destiny 2 TWAB: The Unbroken Title and Seal Will Be Removed in Season 19

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

In Bungie’s recent blog post, developers revealed that the Unbroken title and seal will be removed in Season 19. In addition, Grandmaster nightfalls and the first Gambit Labs in Season 16 will come next week.

Unbroken Title and Seal Changes

The “Unbroken” title and seal are two of the hardest things to get in Destiny 2. You need to accomplish many things - one is to achieve the “Legend” rank for three seasons in a row.

With the changes coming to Glory in Season 19, both the Unbroken seal and title will be removed from the game. Glory is a skill ranking system where you can earn points to improve your rank by winning matches in the competitive playlist.

That said, Season 16 is the last season for you to start your journey to Unbroken. So, if you want to get both the seal and title, you should get going ASAP.

The devs intend to replace Unbroken with a Crucible Seal that is still challenging to get, albeit without the multi-season commitment.

Grandmaster Nightfalls Return

Grandmaster Nightfall Rewards
Grandmaster Nightfall Rewards Bungie

The Grandmaster Nightfalls will be making their first appearance in Season of the Risen. This is the most challenging difficulty level for strikes and requires some good gear and coordination to succeed.

If you want to engage in Grandmaster Nightfalls, there are several things you need to know. First, you need to have a power level of 1,575. This can be done by equipping the best gears you can get your hands on, as well as getting some bonus power from the Seasonal Artifact.

Second, the enemies that you’ll face are generally a lot stronger, tankier, and far more aggressive than their lower-ranked counterparts. Champions will also appear quite often, which means that you have to coordinate with your fireteam to bring specific weapons to the strike.

Third, you only have a limited number of revives. And lastly, don’t take too long to revive a downed teammate, otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time.


Gambit Labs: Invasion Swap
Gambit Labs: Invasion Swap Bungie

Aside from Grandmaster Nightfalls, Gambit Labs will also make its first appearance in Destiny 2 starting Tuesday next week. In its latest version, you are treated to the Gambit Labs: Invasion Swap, which will be available in both Gambit main and Freelance nodes.

So, how is this new experimental mode different from the regular Gambit? Well, if a given team reaches 25 and 75 banked Motes during the Motes phase of the activity, the opposing team is given a chance to invade.

Gambit reputation will be doubled as well, so if you’re looking to rank up fast, then be sure to join the fun.

Anyway, what can you say about the Unbroken seal and title’s removal in Season 19?

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