Destiny 2 TWAB: Trials Labs Report, Grandmaster Nightfalls Arriving Next Week

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

In Bungie’s weekly Destiny 2 blog, the company has published a report about the Trials Labs implemented last weekend. Also, Grandmaster Nightfalls will be coming this Tuesday, so be sure to get your Power Level up to join.

Trials Labs Report

According to Bungie, the solo win rate for those who participated in the Trials Labs remains relatively high at 27%. Before enabling the flawless matchmaking pool, the blowout rate for solo players was at 37%, and it dipped to 30% after it was turned on.

Matchmaking time was also good. Players were able to find Trials matches below the 50-second mark average, while there are times where it rose to 75 seconds. The rise only happened in the wee hours on Sunday and Monday in North America. Over 667,000 players participated in the new mode, with roughly 220,000 of those going flawless.

A bug was found in the matchmaking system where disabled pools would be added to the previous pool. Basically, those in the losing streak, who went flawless up to win-1 of their reset passage, will be paired up with players in the flawless pool with the same win rate. This is not intended and will be changed in the future.

Anyway, the new capture zone applied in Trials of Osiris was relatively successful, though it did have some issues. The developers originally opted for a central capture zone, but this has resulted in somewhat dull gameplay. So, they added random capture points in subsequent rounds. However, they found that doing it this way has given a significant advantage to one team over the other.

In the future, they’re going to experiment with more neutral capture locations to see if that does anything good. Furthermore, they will remove the bonus Super energy awarded to the team that captures a contested zone to prevent snowballing.

Keep in mind that there will be no Trials this week. But players need not worry as Lord Saladin will visit to host the Iron Banner PvP event until the next reset this Tuesday.

GM Nightfalls Return

Grandmaster Nightfalls will be unlocked for the first time in Season of the Lost. The upcoming GM Nightfall is set at the Hollowed Lair, and those looking to partake in the aspirational activity must be at least Power Level 1,345 to enter.

The developers are looking to change things up when it comes to GM Nightfalls. In future seasons, catch-up nodes will be made available, at the same time, the Grandmaster difficulty is enabled.

Fireteam leaders who have not completed the gilding Triumph for a particular Nightfall can enter that strike during the season. Once the leader has finished gilding their title, all catch-up nodes will disappear.

The new changes are expected to come in December.

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