Destiny 2 TWAB: Season 19 Will Feature Major Class Ability Changes

Destiny 2 TWAB
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Destiny 2: Lightfall won’t be coming until early next year, but there’s still something to be hopeful for with Season 19 launching next month. Aside from Deepsight Crafting, the game’s sandbox team revealed in a recent post that major class ability changes will be coming next season. Read further to learn more about the biggest adjustments.

Solar Nerfs

Players have relied so much on the Solar subclass’ Restoration mod that it has become the go-to when tackling any Destiny 2 content. For this reason, the sandbox team is nerfing it in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Restoration x1’s base healing rate is reduced to 20 HP/s in PvP and 40 HP/s in PvE. Besides that, Restoration x2’s base healing rate for PvP and PvE is lowered to 32.5 HP/s and 65 HP/s, respectively.

The Hunter’s Knock ‘Em Down solar aspect is also going to get some notable changes. This is to establish a clear distinction between the two Golden Gun variants. Deadshot Golden Gun loses its bonus duration in exchange for a 15% damage resistance buff. The Marksman variant, on the other hand, will no longer provide a bonus damage resistance while the said solar aspect is equipped.

Void Changes

In a previous TWAB, developers revealed that they’re going to nerf Divinity’s effectiveness in PvE come Season 19. To somehow make up for that, the Void Hunter’s Deadfall Shadowshot will have its Tether anchor last longer when triggered to 12 seconds. This is a good thing because this Super ability weakens and suppresses enemies caught in the tether during that period, making it more appealing to use as an alternative to Divinity.

Arc Improvements

The rework to the Arc subclass, dubbed Arc 3.0, was implemented just this season. But despite the limited data, the sandbox team will still implement some improvements, most notably to the Warlock’s Stormcaller spec.

The Arc Soul is currently mediocre at best, so it’s logical to give it a boost to make the Stormcaller more appealing to use than the other Arc subclasses for the Warlock. To that end, the base damage of Arc Soul against PvE combatants is raised from 35 to 60.

But that’s not all. Some of the Stormcaller’s melee abilities are also going to be enhanced. More specifically, Ball Lightning’s projectile travel range is increased to 35 meters, while the damage of Chain Lightning is increased by 50% against PvE combatants.

Stasis Adjustments

The lone dark subclass in Destiny 2 as of now, Stasis, started out strong with its introduction in the Beyond Light expansion. However, this subclass received a handful of nerfs that made it far less effective now than it once was.

The sandbox team agrees that Stasis Slow is not performing well in its current state. Because of this, they’re going to increase the movement speed penalty of slowed enemies by 10% in Season 19.

So, what can you say about the upcoming class ability changes in Destiny 2?

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