Destiny 2: Massive Weapon Changes Implemented in Update

Season of Defiance
Season of Defiance Bungie

Destiny 2: Lightfall is now live and with it is a patch that implemented massive weapon changes that players should know about.

In Update, Machine Guns have become a bit stronger as their damage is increased by 10%.

Heavy Grenade Launchers are now even more effective against champions, bosses, mini-bosses, and vehicles. That’s because their damage against these enemies has increased by 20%. Projectile collision has also improved, making it easier to land hits.

Primary and special kinetic weapons have their damage multiplier against unshielded enemies increased to 1.1 and 1.15, respectively. However, stasis weapons equipped in the kinetic slot no longer have the 5% damage bonus against unshielded targets in PvE.

As for exotics, Leviathan’s Breath now applies volatile on perfect draw impact. Volatile, for those who don’t know, is a void debuff where enemies explode upon taking additional damage. Moreover, this exotic bow has its damage increased from 396 to 442, thus giving it enough power to kill all Supers in PvP with one shot.

Season of Defiance
Season of Defiance Bungie

Here are the other weapon changes in Destiny 2 Update

Linear Fusion Rifles
  • Reduced damage vs. Champions, minibosses, bosses, and vehicles by 15%.
    • Sleeper Simulant and The Queenbreaker are unaffected.
  • Shotgun reticles now change in size proportional to spread angle.
    • Related note: The Legend of Acrius hip-fire reticle is now a bit more representative of its (very large) spread angle.
The Queenbreaker
  • Now uses Arc 3.0 blind.
  • Shot now chains to multiple nearby enemies.
Ruinous Effigy
  • Transmutation sphere slam attack now suppresses.
Leviathan's Breath
  • Increased damage vs. Champions by 30%.
One Thousand Voices
  • Each explosion now applies 10 + 5 (with Ember of Ashes) scorch stacks.
  • Explosion on kill now applies 10 + 5 scorch stacks.
Polaris Lance
  • Perfect Fifth shots now apply 40 + 20 scorch stacks instead of a custom burn.
Two-Tailed Fox
  • Solar rocket now applies 60 + 30 scorch stacks instead of burn.
Prometheus Lens
  • Added the Incandescent perk to the catalyst.
Grand Overture
  • Switched the catalyst to use Arc blind.
The Manticore
  • Added a hip-fire reticle element to showing current stacks of Antigrav Repulsor.
These perks have been updated to work with Strand:
  • Osmosis
  • Golden Tricorn
  • Elemental Capacitor
    • Grants +20 airborne effectiveness (+25 for the enhanced perk).
Rewind rounds
  • Rebuilt to work on non-Vault of Glass weapons.
Eager Edge
  • No longer deactivates when moving faster than 35m/s.
  • Deactivates correctly after a single melee swing.
  • Reduced the base lunge distance buff from 2 to 1.8.
  • Reduced airborne lunge distance penalty from 25% to 20%.
  • The enhanced perk now increases lunge distance slightly, back up to 2.

The full list of adjustments can be found on the official site.

So, what can you say about the weapon changes in Destiny 2: Lightfall update

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