Destiny 2 TWAB: Massive Changes Coming to Gambit in Season 16

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

In the recent This Week at Bungie, the developers have revealed the changes coming to Destiny 2’s Gambit mode once The Witch Queen expansion drops next week.

Gambit Improvements

Before anything else, Gambit is one of the many game modes that can be accessed by talking to the Drifter in the Tower. What makes Gambit unique is that it is a combination of PvP and PvE, where opposing guardians can invade your territory and pick your team apart, with monsters found all over the place. The enemies here will drop Motes that you can turn in at the bank in the middle of the map. Turn enough Motes in to summon the Primeval - the boss of this mode.

That said, Principal Designer Alan Blaine breaks down some of the things you can expect in Season 16. First, a Freelance node will be added, which allows you to join Gambit without a premade team. This is to help matches become more balanced, as evidenced by Freelance nodes for Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner.

Freelance: Gambit
Freelance: Gambit Bungie

Some changes are going to be implemented for respawn points as well. Currently, there’s a huge chance that you’ll revive too far away from the battlefield. If you’re an invader, you might spawn in an area where you can easily be killed by the enemy team. For these reasons, the developers will make things better on all fronts.

To put it simply, respawn points will be less predictable next season, with more of these spread throughout Fronts. This should allow you to get back to the action as quickly as possible. In addition, invaders won’t have to worry as they will not spawn on the same part of the map every time they invade, making camping spawn points unlikely.

Farming Motes is hard. But what’s more frustrating is if you’re killed by monsters or invaders, and you lose everything you’ve accumulated. To make it easier for you to recover, you’ll only lose half of them when you die. Conversely, invaders will drop more Motes when killed.

The Primeval presents the ultimate challenge in Gambit. The developers feel that it should be an epic boss fight, so they will implement adjustments to keep it that way.

One of the most notable tweaks is that Envoys will put an invulnerability shield on the Primeval. You’ll have to kill them both if you want to damage the boss, and for you to do that, you and your team must go out there and invade.

Of course, Gambit won’t be complete without invaders. If you have the knack for killing the opposing team, listen up. In Season 16, you will no longer see how many Motes enemy Guardians are carrying, and you’ll no longer see their nameplates when aiming down sights.

So, what can you say about the upcoming improvements to Gambit?

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