Destiny 2 TWAB: Devs Talk About Crossplay, Prepare for Final Iron Banner

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

In this week’s TWAB, developers at Bungie remind you that the Solstice of Heroes event will end next Tuesday, August 3. They’ve also revealed more information about Crossplay and the final Iron Banner for Season of the Splicer.

Crossplay is Coming

Crossplay will be implemented in the game in Season 15. This means, if you are a PC player and have friends playing on consoles, you can start playing with them next season regardless of platform.

Anyway, the developers are looking to convert existing names to keep consistency across platforms. Henceforth, they are going to be called “Bungie Names.”

The Bungie Name will consist of your display name, hash, and numeric ID rolled into one. An example of this is “PlayerName#1234.”

All names will run through a filtration process to ensure that no offensive terms and special characters are used. If any of the terms you’ve used are filtered, your name would end up with empty spaces.

In addition, cross-save will also be enabled once crossplay goes live in Season 15. This will add more convenience to you since you can play on multiple platforms without losing your progress. You can read more about crossplay here.

The Final Iron Banner

Lord Saladin will return for the final Iron Banner event of Season of the Splicer next week. It will start on August 3 at 1 p.m. EST and end on August 10 at 1 p.m. EST.

The upcoming event is your last chance to get the Riiswalker and Archon Thunder weapons, and other Iron Banner-themed rewards, so participate to get them all.

Bungie Foundation Update

Earlier this month, the Bungie Foundation initiated a donation drive to raise funds to improve the wellbeing of children and provide aid to those in need.

The goal was to raise at least $777,777, but the community did not stop there. The Bungie Foundation raised $822,000 thanks to everyone who has donated to the cause.

As promised, the developers will give special in-game items based on the donated amount. If you’ve given some money to the cause, check your email as the necessary codes to redeem the items will be sent to your inbox.

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