Destiny 2: New Bug Revives an Original Exotic Armor Perk?

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A new Destiny 2 bug has been found and it revives an old exotic armor perk, though it only happens at random.

Since the game’s inception, many exotic armors and weapons have been introduced. So much that some players wanted the developers to buff several old ones.

The Lunafaction Boots is one of the oldest as it was part of the “Year One” exotics. Its original perk was that every time a player stands on a Warlock rift, their weapons get reloaded immediately.

That perk was reworked that removed automatic reloading and replaced with increased reloading speed. Because of how powerful the original perk was, the Lunafaction Boots were a staple in raids back then.

Original Perk Revived?

Redditor “Sir_Blyatman” noticed during one of their Vault of Glass raids that the original perk of the Lunafaction boots triggered at random while wearing the exotic armor.

The Redditor’s weapons, Anarchy and Deathbringer, were reloaded to max capacity by just standing on one of their active Warlock rifts. The other members of their fireteam also said that their weapons have been fully reloaded.

While the armor’s original exotic perk did work several times, the Redditor and their fireteam were unable to trigger it consistently.

As to exactly when it happened, Sir_Blyatman said: “...the bug seems random in nature but our damage phases without the need to wait for a reload have gotten faster.”

Although this can be seen as an isolated case, some people have also experienced the same bug and it seems exclusive when fighting the Templar. User @ NupharAdvena said that the Templar encounter already has many bugs itself, so that could be the reason why the Lunafaction’s original perk was triggered.

Another user believes that if your fireteam has "breach and clear on," the bug would still trigger the perk. This would imply that it is not a bug on the exotic armor itself. For those who do not know, “Breach and Clear” is a legendary class item mod that instantly reloads your grenade launcher after damaging a boss, a Champion, or breaking an enemy’s shield. Plus, the enemy takes increased damage for a short time.

There are some bugs that you do not want to happen but this one is certainly something most players want.

Have you experienced this bug as well? If so, when and where did it happen?

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