Destiny 2: Fans Getting Teased with Old Chicago

Destiny 2 Old Chicago
Destiny 2 Old Chicago Bungie

Bungie has created Destiny as a game full of lore. While you can use any weapon you want to blast enemies away, you can expect some story elements sprinkled around its campaign. That said, it seems that the developers are hinting towards a possible release of a certain map and fans cannot stop speculating about it.

In the recent “This Week at Bungie”, fans may have noticed a screenshot with a character in the foreground and swamp area in the background. This has led to a group of people thinking about “Old Chicago’s” likely introduction into the game.

What is Old Chicago?

In every creative endeavor, there are always some new ideas that come along the way. The final product is likely not the one you’ve originally envisioned since many things are going on in the development process.

Old Chicago was supposed to be part of the original Destiny game but was ultimately cut before its release. As to the reasons why it was left out, we will never truly know. However, the developers did mention a few things about it.

The place was originally a playable location on Earth. It is an overgrown swamp and home to a lot of different tech laboratories that were used in the Golden Age.

Folks over at Reddit cannot stop speculating about the possibility of Old Chicago’s debut in Destiny 2.

“That teaser image at the bottom..are we finally getting old chicago?” commented Redditor djschxzo on Bungie's teaser.

On Friday, assistant game director Joe Blackburn tweeted the main headline of the recently released TWAB and a picture of the swampy area mentioned earlier.

Now, this could be fan speculation at this point, but it is interesting to see that the developers have teased a picture of what could be the rumored Old Chicago.

It is not news that the next expansion of the game, The Witch Queen, will be delayed until early next year. Though would it make Old Chicago an explorable area upon release? Who knows, perhaps it may come true.

What do you think of this? Are you hyped up by the swampy area coming to the game in the future?

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