Destiny 2: Devs May Improve Some Exotics in the Future

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Destiny 2 is still going strong even a few years after its release but there is one problem that has pervaded to this day: some Exotics are just not being used at all. In light of this, the community asked if developers will change things up and Bungie has responded.

For those of you who do not know, Exotics refers to special equipment that offers at least one unique perk. Because of how strong they could be, only one exotic armor and weapon can be equipped at a time.

That said, while there are certainly some exotics that players use religiously, there are several exotics that people just don’t care about.

This has prompted Redditor THERAPTORKING54 to ask developers if they could overhaul some underperforming exotics. The good news is that senior community manager Dylan “dmg04” Gafner answered.

In his reply, Gafner asked the community what exotics they like to see prioritized in the future. He also went on to explain that because of the influx of new content, the developers take passes to balance some of the things that are already in the game.

“Can't hit every exotic at a single time, but we can always pass up the feedback on which ones are mentioned more frequently,” he said.

What the Community Wants

Gafner’s post has received quite a lot of replies. Here are some of the notable exotics that people want to be changed:

  • Skyburner’s Oath: One said that it lacks damage no matter which mode is used and its catalyst doesn’t provide much of a benefit at all.

  • D.A.R.C.I: This sniper has a lot of promise. It’s just that it underperforms when compared to other weapons in its class.

  • Graviton Lance: This pulse rifle needs reworking simply because, as a user puts it, just a functional two-burst scout rifle, whereas other scout rifles have a three-burst fire rate or more.

  • Malfeasance: Its perk needs to change because it doesn’t get activated enough when shooting at common enemies.

  • Wish-Ender: This bow’s damage is good but it just lacks the impact that other bows can give.

If you wish to have the developers change more exotics, you could chime in with your input in this Reddit post.

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