Destiny 2 Golden Gun Likely Accidentally Nerfed Due to Bug

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A new bug in Destiny 2 may have accidentally nerfed the Solar Hunter subclass and players can’t stop complaining about it.

When you choose the Hunter Solar subclass, Gunslinger, your Super will be the Golden Gun. It is an ability where your character will grab a powered-up sidearm that deals heavy damage. It’s so powerful, in fact, that it used to one-shot any enemy the player hits. Well, apparently that is not the case anymore.

Redditor @Hawkmoona_Matata posted about a possible bug to this powerful Super in the game. They’ve stated that the Golden Gun cannot kill anyone at 34 meters, while you still can at 23.

It is concerning because 34 meters is still within the effective range of a normal hand cannon. In other words, you are probably better off using a normal weapon than waiting for your Golden Gun to kill enemies.

Some users like @Ainine9 said that they have tanked a shot from the Golden Gun while they are a bit far from the opponent. In their reply, you know how dangerous it is when a Super fails to kill anyone as they can be countered in almost an instant.

What is the Cause?

Although developers have not made a statement regarding this issue, the original Redditor speculated that this problem stemmed from recent nerfs made to hand cannons in the game, particularly the Last Word.

What may have happened here is the code of the Golden Gun in Destiny 2. Since the subclass Super and Last Word have the same range, developers may have accidentally nerfed the Golden Gun along with hand cannons.

If this is the case, players want to have the devs decouple the code for hand cannons and the Hunter super in question. With this bug, the Hunter Solar subclass is nearly worthless unless they want to use the Super really close to enemies.

Other users already called the attention of lead community manager Chris “Cozmo23” Shannon to provide assistance. Though they have not made a statement at the time of writing.

Have you noticed the same bug in Destiny 2 as well? If so, what is your reaction?

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