Destiny 2: Developers Plan to Revamp Trials of Osiris

Destiny 2 TWAB
Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie

It looks like Bungie has huge plans to improve Destiny 2’s PvP system, according to assistant game director Joe Blackburn.

Blackburn tweeted that he cannot imagine the game without its bustling competitive modes.

He revealed that the developers are busy this year with improving the current Crucible experience. This was evident when they implemented some balancing changes to Stasis, and adjustments to certain weapons to make them more in line with the other guns in the game. These are to improve weapon diversity.

Aside from that, Blackburn said that they are going to revamp Trials of Osiris, though he didn’t disclose anything specific. He said that more information will be revealed on August 24.

New Maps

According to Blackburn, the first half of 2021 was all about working on the game’s foundation and now that everything is set, the devs are now focusing on new things.

Ever since the Beyond the Light expansion, the devs have upgraded the game’s engine. This led them to port all game modes and maps into the new system.

Their goal is to be consistent with regard to providing content so that players can expect new things every year. But in order to do that, the devs will start with porting some of the vaulted maps for Season 16.

Blackburn pointed out that the reason why they have decided to reprise two old maps is that the new maps take time to get right. But players need not worry too much as they can expect a new map in Season 17.

Once the two old maps and the new one are added to the Crucible playlist rotation, the devs will then focus on remastering an old map from the original Destiny game, and they are going to launch it in Season 18.

New Modes

In addition to the maps, Blackburn said that they are planning to add Rift to Destiny 2. For those who haven’t played the first game, Rift is a Crucible game type that was introduced in The Taken King Expansion.

The rules task players to wield something called the “Spark” and use it to destroy the Rift of the opposing team.

Moreover, Blackburn said that the devs are working on multiple new modes that are slated to be introduced in 2022. Though he didn’t reveal specifics, he said that it offers new rules and twists that can make Lord Shaxx proud.

The assistant game director went on to say that they are going to add systemic improvements to the PvP ecosystem after implementing the planned Trials of Osiris revamp in Season 15.

So, what can you say about Blackburn’s statements regarding the future of the game’s PvP?

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