Desolation's Wake Arrives to Hunt: Showdown Today

Get ready for a fight! Crytek

Attention all Hunters! The latest Live Event for Hunt: Showdown is here. Dubbed as "Desolation's Wake," is starts March 6 and runs all the way to May 8. There's going to be new story chapters reach for everyone to explore and enjoy. New equipment is also going to be available along with new traits, and new rewards.

For those new to the game, Live Events the game usually has Hunters get to choose one of the three pacts that they have to pledge. Each one comes with their own unique Trait that offer new ways to play the game.


Like with previous Events, the special Traits in Desolation's Wake can be gained at Supply Points during Missions. In addition, each Pact has a Trait that gets a new Conditional Effect which only activates if a Hunter is pledged to the related Pact.

At Supply Points players should Pledge Boxes, which they can use to pledge to one of the three Pacts. For Desolation's Wake, Hunters get a free Trait the moment they pledge to their Pact. That means Pact Traits won't cost any Pledge Marks. That's not all since Hunters also get an extra Pledge Mark for completing specific activities, depending on which Pact they are pledged to.

Anyway, here are the Hunters for each pact in Desolation's Wake:

  • The Death Pact
    • The Bone Mason
    • Sofia
    • Worm Bite
  • The Lawful Pact
    • Sheriff Hardin
    • The Witch Hunter
    • Mountie
  • The Primal Pact
    • Felis
    • Lonely Howl
    • Iron Bark

Sealed Cache

For this new Live Event, players can look forward to what's known as Sealed Caches. This is a new type of Supply Point which are surrounded by Spine Altars and contain valuable rewards. Each Mission is going to have one Sealed Cache. Now while some rewards can be found uniquely inside the Sealed Cache, others can manifest outside it, across the map. To interact with these rewards, Hunters need to break the Pledge Seal on them by spending Pledge Marks.

Players can obtain a maximum of four Pledge Marks in one Mission. These are tied to each Hunter and are brought out when extracting. They're not physically carried by Hunters and thus can't be directly taken by or from others. The current amount of Pledge Marks can be viewed in Mission and in Roster.

Learn more about Desolation's Wake here.

Hunt: Showdown is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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