Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 4 Fixes Boomerang Targeting and Adds a Missing Neck

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 2
Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 2 Steam

Deep Rock Galactic, the critically acclaimed co-op game, just got a little better. A small patch went live a few hours ago and it brought several bug fixes and improvements. No new content has been added, but you can expect minor balancing changes.

The targeting for boomerang is fixed, and Bosco/APD-B317 will now clean the plague automatically. The freeze point temperature of Naedocyte Breeder has been reduced, and Plague Hearts will reward XP for every individual heart.

The developer also acknowledged a known issue that will be addressed later. They claim that more Lithopage warning challenges will be added later so players can have the intended amount of scrips to complete the cosmetic tree.

  • Fixed Bosco/APD-B317 not automatically cleaning plague
  • Fixed targeting for boomerang
  • Fixed season overview string. "250 PP" to "300 PP"
  • Fixed Contagion indestructible terrain blocking the button in point extraction and causing softlock
  • Meteor will now be destroyed if it lands on unfinished refinery pipes - preventing softlock of the mission
  • Fixed missing neck with light configuration helmet from Biohazard DLC
  • Decreased Naedocyte Breeder freeze point temperature
  • Reduced amount of plague clean "scream" audios, but placed them better
  • [Gamepad] Assignments can now be accepted with Y/Triangle
  • [Gamepad] Perk Window: Remapped Buy Perk to Y/Triangle
  • [Gamepad] Assignments can now be aborted with X/Square
  • [Gamepad] Assignment terminal added shortcuts to popup window
  • [Gamepad] Added missing gamepad shortcuts to Forge menu
  • [GamePad] Season Challenge Info box can now be opened with B/Square
  • [Gamepad] Removed Y/Triangle open Season Challenges, Y/Triangle/Enter now Confirms mission selection
  • Fixed that the scrollbar on the pickaxe paintjob sidebar could not be dragged with the mouse, but only with the scroll wheel
  • [Modding] Fixed that sometimes modded games could not be joined
  • Fixed Boltshark Crossbow infinite ammo with Bodkin Points overclock
  • Fixed Plague Hearts not giving XP for each individual heart
  • Fixed visual bug on mission complete screen already counting assignment PP, even though it is visually being counted at the space rig
  • The full Biohazard DLC helmet will no longer use the slim version of the Biohazard DLC armor

The complete patch notes of Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 4 are available on Steam as well.

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