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Deceit, the multiplayer first-person shooter survival game by Baseline, released a major update that brings new content. The developers have changed quite a lot of things, including how the game starts and ends. It may be a bit confusing for players who are getting back into the game after a while. But the developers have written a small guide in the patch notes.

Another cool change is that teams will collectively win or lose as a group, not from having a single winner. Note: If you leave before a winner has been set, that game will count as a loss for you even if your team wins in the end. That game counts as abandoned.

You can expect more cool stuff like new items, terrors, abilities, and maps coming out later in 2021.

Deceit Bug Fixes

  • There is now a set of in-game Tutorial screens that can be viewed in the Main Menu. Players will be required to view these at least once before being able to queue up for a game.
  • You can now see which character each player is playing as in the loading screen.
  • We've added channeled interactions to the game. This is used for starting votes against players and destroying Fuse Boxes & Traps.
  • State is now shown on player nametags (e.g. Interacting, Reviving, Inspecting).
  • Players can no longer be antidoted (and as such the item has been removed), an execution that successfully goes through means a player is eliminated from the game.
  • You can now sprint & switch weapons at the same time.
  • If you have a full inventory, the game will try to replace your currently equipped item when picking up a new one. If you're holding a Pistol or Knife, it'll replace your last item.
  • The camera now charges up over a second after you use it, flashing once the charging has finished.
  • As the night period no longer has a timer it is possible to hit a timeout, if you hit it then the Infected will automatically win.
  • The rep counter now supports numbers higher than 100,000 on the main menu.
  • Perks have temporarily been disabled due to balancing concerns. We’ll be addressing this in a future update.
  • [FIXED] - The Main Menu will occasionally overlap with the Loading Screen when entering a game.
  • [FIXED] - The Main Menu UI sometimes isn’t visible upon first load.

You can find the patch notes here.

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