Death's Gambit DLC: Huge Free Update Details Revealed

Includes a massive rework of traversal methods, plus 'Metroidvania' elements.
White Rabbit reveals the details for their upcoming Death's Gambit DLC.
White Rabbit reveals the details for their upcoming Death's Gambit DLC. White Rabbit

Death’s Gambit, the 2D action platformer RPG heavily inspired by the Souls series, is about to drop one of its biggest DLCs yet, and you can get it for free.

This new DLC is just part of developer White Rabbit’s commitment into making Death's Gambit better with each release. The development team has noted that while they will not be at E3, their work on the DLC is entering a polish phase as most of the content is now playable.

With regards to why development has taken so long, White Rabbit states that the DLC is enormous, featuring a huge number of changes, updates, and regular bug and stability fixes. Some of these include:

  • 100 new class talents
  • New levels
  • New bosses
  • A New Metroidvania style map. (Probably inspired by Dead Cells.)
  • New game modes
  • New weapons
  • Continued story progression beyond the conclusion of the main story
  • Cusith has been reworked entirely.
  • Golden Drake Knight enemies have been vastly improved
  • Y’lnoth enemies have been improved
  • Added bear traps to abilities. These traps have no stat requirements and the damage scales with your current level. You can place five before you run out, but you will be able to get five of them again after using a save point.
  • Ice trap variant of the bear trap that works the same, only it freezes enemies instead
  • Double jump ability for better traversal
  • Crash down ability that opens areas with sigils. (Yep, definitely inspired by Dead Cells.)
  • Various level expansions and changes to account for new traversal abilities

The double jump and the crash down abilities are part of the updated progression system, which sees you exploring various reworked areas. I’m inclined to think that many of these changes stem from the community’s feedback. While I loved Death’s Gambit's current traversal methods, I’m looking forward to what the developers do next for this big DLC update.

If you’re not aware, Death’s Gambit is probably one of the most underrated releases of 2018. Just recently, with the release of Dead Cells’ Rise of the Giant update, I found myself playing through my Steam library of high-quality pixel art side-scrollers again, and Death’s Gambit scratched that itch. Check its Steam page here if you want to know more.


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