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Just recently it was revealed that Death Stranding will launch for PC on June 2. That’s not the only big news regarding the title. Hideo Kojima, Game Director of the game, announced via a tweet that the PC version of the game will also get a Photo Mode. Now you will be able to capture the beautiful landscape of Death Stranding.

Photo Mode was present in the PlayStation 4 version, however it was quite basic and didn’t do justice to the Death Stranding environments. The PC version looks drastically better. A quick teaser has been released that shows how extensive the PC photo mode is, and it will definitely make clicking iconic pictures quite easy. The teaser also showed off some shots that the development team took themselves. And to be honest, they look pretty damn good.

The PC version offers tons of different options. You will be able to tweak brightness and color, and the camera angle can also be changed. You can completely remove Sam from the frame as well and just get the shot of the world. I know I will be spending more time in Photo Mode shelling out desktop wallpapers than playing the game.

Kojima also talked about in-game cameras and what he wanted to do in previous games. His tweet said, “I came up the idea called “camera” in MGS1(1998). I thought it’d be effective having the items like “sniper rifle”, “remote control missile” and “camera” if we could switch the camera POV ⇄ 3rd person view if the game world can exists all in 3D.”

Kojima revealed that he might also host a player submitted photo contest. Ubisoft did the same with Far Cry 5 and fans flooded Ubisoft with tons of pictures. With the atmosphere that Death Stranding offers, we can expect a tough competition.

As mentioned above, the Death Stranding PC version will launch on June 2, and to be honest, it looks like the best version of the game. The PC port will come with additional music, Half-Life themed headgear, and some new cosmetics. You can pre-order the game on Steam and Epic Game Store for $60.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Photo Mode for Death Stranding? Did you already play Kojima's latest game on PS4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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