Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Launches Three Time-Limited Events

Enjoy the new events.
Enjoy the new events. Koei Temco

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation released an update that includes three time-limited events for all players. Dubbed as update Ver.02.19.00, it also introduces a few bug fixes and changed all instance of Mystery Venus to Nagisa.

Trendy Outfit

The Trendy Outfit Gacha event started on May 6 and ends on May 12. During this event, these swimsuits are going to appear more often:

  • Thin Towel Wrap (Ayane)
    • Level 90
    • Power: 3834
    • Technique: 3886
    • Stamina: 4722
    • Appeal: 200
    • A Skill
      • Perfect Receive F
      • 60% Chance when Receiving
      • Technique +35%
    • P Skill
      • Stamina from Within 5
      • Stamina Consumption -11%
  • Thin Towel Wrap (Misaki)
    • Level 90
    • Power: 3894
    • Technique: 4882
    • Stamina: 3666
    • Appeal: 200
    • A Skill
      • Miraculous Stamina A
      • 35% chance
      • Stamina Consumption -60%
    • P Skill
      • Flashy Technique 5
      • Technique +11%

Learn more about this event here.

Try out these new outfits.
Try out these new outfits. Koei Temco

Owner Support

The new update also includes a New Owner Support Pack (STM). This one also started on May 6, but is set to end on May 13. While the pack does offer a lot, players can only buy one during the event period.

The pack contains:

  • Paid V-Stones x 1,500
  • Unlock STM Stone (M) x 10
  • Unlock STM Stone (L) x 5
  • Unlock STM Stone (XL) x 3
  • Gift Item “Mark of Gratitude” x 1
  • (5,000 Girl EXP)
See what's in store for you.
See what's in store for you. Koei Temco

Beauty Treatment

The third event that arrived with the update is the First Softening Beauty Treatment (Rerun). The event started on May 6 and lasts until May 12.

For this event, players can exchange Gold Beauty Treatment Coins collected in Event Festivals for different types of Beauty Treatment items. Once players have these items, they can then gift these to a girl. Doing so lets girls change their skin to the Softness desired. Softening Skills learned can also help enhance the abilities of the girls.

During the event, players can also earn rewards based on their scores. These are:

  • Blue Pearl Bracelet (Ayane)
  • Episode Coins
  • Trendy Ticket
  • FP Refill Drink
  • V-Stones
  • Venus Ticket

Learn more about the event here.

Improve those skills.
Improve those skills. Koei Temco

Word of Warning

The team at Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation announced that while they thank everyone for playing, they have taken measures against those who infringed on a clause in the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Specifically, this is the one that refers to:

Prohibitions, (1), (ix) Act of posting, disclosing, providing, sending, or transmitting, etc. of content that will cause other Users feel disgust, such as slandering, harassment, or obscenity, or that has a possibility thereof.

The team said that violation of this clause, and others in the EULA, are not going to be tolerated and measures are going to be taken against those who do.

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