Dead by Daylight: Latest Update Adds Very Popular Actor as New Survivor

Play as the new survivor, Nicolas Cage! Behaviour Interactive

Nicolas Cage, the famous actor and a staple of internet memes, is now available as a playable character in Dead by Daylight via Patch 7.1.0 PTB. This beta update can be downloaded from Steam.

New Survivor

Nicolas Cage is the newest survivor in Dead by Daylight. He possesses interesting yet funny perks. His first perk is called Dramaturgy, which can be activated when he's healthy. Pressing the active ability button two prompts Nicolas Cage to run knees high for a brief period, and then gain 25% haste for a couple of seconds. After that, he will experience one of the following effects:

  • Exposed for 12 seconds
  • Gain 25% Haste for 2 seconds
  • Scream, but nothing happens
  • Gain a random rare item in hand with random add-ons and drop any held item

The last effect makes things wild because he might get a better item than what he's holding, if any.

Nicolas Cage's second perk is called Scene Partner. When he's within the killer's terror radius and he looks at them, he gives off a scream that allows him to see the killer's aura for up to five seconds. There's also a small chance that he will scream the second time which will increase the effect's duration for a couple more seconds.

When he gets injured, Cage can activate his last perk, Plot Twist. Pressing the active ability button two while crouched and motionless will make him enter the dying state. The cool thing about this is that he leaves no pools of blood, makes zero noise, and can fully recover from this state. After Cage fully restores his HP with Plot Twist, he gains a 50% haste that lasts up to four seconds.

Changes to Sadako

The Dead by Daylight dev team has also made adjustments to The Onryo, or Sadako if you're familiar with The Ring movies. Projection now has a 15-second cooldown since there is no longer a range limit on the Condemned effect. This had to be done to put a cap on how frequently this can occur.

Furthermore, survivors holding a Cursed Tape no longer get Condemned stacks passively. Instead, a survivor who gets hit by The Onryo while carrying a Cursed Tape now gets one stack of Condemned with each basic attack.

Here are the other changes to Sadako:

  • Projection
    • Projecting to a TV now applies 3/4 of a stack of Condemned to all Survivors not carrying a Cursed Tape (was 1 stack to nearby Survivors).
    • The time a TV is disabled after The Onryo Projects to it has been reduced to 70 seconds (was 100 seconds). This can be further reduced using Add-ons.
    • The time a TV is disabled after a Survivor removes the Cursed Tape has been increased to 90 seconds (was 60 seconds).
  • Cursed Tapes
    • When a Survivor carrying a Cursed Tape is hooked, all other Survivors gain one stack of Condemned and the Tape is destroyed
    • Cursed Tapes can now be placed in any TV other than the one they were retrieved from
  • Demanifestation
    • The Onryo can no longer be stunned while Demanifested
    • Chases are prevented when Demanifested, making it more difficult to keep track of The Onryo's position
    • Demanifesting now removes Bloodlust, similar to other Killer Powers

Patch 7.1.0 PTB is only available on Steam until Monday.

So, are you going to try Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight?

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