Dead by Daylight Patch 7.0.1 Balancing Changes to The Singularity, Changelog Here

Dead by Daylight Patch 6.7.1 Steam/Behaviour Interactive Inc.

The upcoming update for Dead by Daylight is only hours away. Patch 7.0.1 will go live tomorrow at 11 a.m. EST, and it begins the much-anticipated Twisted Masquerade event, which also opens level one of the said event tome. Changes to Dvarka Deepwood - Toba Landing have been made as well. Some of the plants have been desaturated for better readability, and the fog on the map has increased.

Several changes for The Singularity are included in the patch. EMP Crates per map are reduced from five to four, and the EMP Generation time is increased from 90 to 100 seconds. Survivors will now experience a 10% slowdown while charging the EMP, and the time required to charge an EMP is up from 2.0 to 2.5 seconds. The duration of pod disabling caused by an EMP is down from 60 to 45 seconds.

Additionally, the score caps for the score events related to Assimilation, Teleportation, and Teleportation Strikes are removed. While the score points for Assimilation and Teleportation are raised from 200 to 250. The rest of the highlights are mentioned below.


  • The 7th Anniversary "Twisted Masquerade" event begins June 22, 2023 at 11 AM ET
  • Level 1 of the "Twisted Masquerade" event tome opens June 22, 2023 at 11 AM ET


  • Bots are less likely to follow paths that start by going towards a chasing Killer.
  • Bots using the Scavenger perk and affected by the repair speed penalty may now prioritize other goals over working on the Generator.
  • Bots have read previous Patch Notes and now correctly distinguish Survivor and Special items.

The Singularity

  • When looking away after performing a Lock On to a Survivor, The Singularity no longer can Slipstream Teleport to a different Survivor.
  • The face melt effect is no longer played a second time when a Survivor is Mori'd by The Singularity.
  • The Auras of Perks and Add-ons are no longer visible when controlling a Biopod as The Singularity.
  • The reticle is no longer missing when spectating and switching to The Singularity when already inside a Biopod.


  • Using For the People to heal a Survivor to healthy no longer incorrectly applies the Endurance effect from the Made for This perk.
  • Survivors' camera no longer sometimes stays stuck on the Killer after using the Perk Decisive Strike
  • The Troubleshooter perk now correctly applies a yellow Aura to Generators.


  • On PlayStation 4, using a keyboard and a controller simultaneously during gameplay no longer leads to a crash.
  • On Nintendo Switch, leaving the console running on an error message for a long time no longer crashes the game.

Read the complete patch notes on Steam.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Dead by Daylight recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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