Dead by Daylight: The Knight Slashes His Way into the Game in Patch 6.4.0 PTB

Patch 6.4.0 PTB
Patch 6.4.0 PTB Twitter/@DeadbyBHVR

Dead by Daylight has a new content update now available on PTB. Just like similar updates, Patch 6.4.0 adds a new killer and survivor that you can try out.

New Killer

New Killer: The Knight
New Killer: The Knight Twitter/@DeadByBHVR

Tarhos Kovács, also known as “The Knight,” is the latest killer in Dead by Daylight. He wields a serrated two-handed sword that can cut unlucky survivors.

He has some pretty interesting perks in his kit. The first is called Nowhere to Hide. When the Knight damages a generator, all survivors standing within 24 meters of him will be revealed.

The next perk is Hex: Face the Darkness. A Dull Totem is lit and hexes the survivor injured by the Knight. Once the Hex is active, all other survivors outside the Knight’s Terror Radius will have a chance to scream intermittently, making them visible to Tarhos for a couple of seconds.

If the cursed survivor is downed but nursed back to full health, the Hex is lifted and the totem becomes unlit. Also, Hex: Face the Darkness is deactivated when the Hex Totem is cleansed.

Tarhos has another useful perk called Hubris. Whenever he is stunned by a survivor, that survivor will suffer from the Exposed status effect. This allows the Knight to slash the survivor to death with just one hit instead of the usual two.

New Survivor

New Survivor: Vittorio Toscano
New Survivor: Vittorio Toscano Twitter/@DeadByBHVR

Patch 6.4.0 also introduces a new survivor and his name is Vittorio Toscano. His strongest perk is called Potential Energy. When the perk is active, repairing the generator charges this perk instead of getting generator progress. Doing this allows Vittorio to gain a token for each 1.5% of generator repair, which stacks up to 20.

Pressing the Active Ability Button 2 consumes all tokens and instantly adds 1% of generator progress for each token. Keep in mind that all tokens will be lost when Vittorio loses a health state while this perk has at least one token.

Vittorio is quite useful when he’s in charge of repairing the generator. That is punctuated by his perk, Fogwise. With this perk, hitting a great Skill Check while he’s repairing a generator will reveal the aura of the killer for up to six seconds depending on the level.

And lastly, when Vittorio is chased within 24 meters of any generator, his Quick Gambit perk activates. This perk gives up to 8% repair action speed boost to other survivors working on that generator.

What do you think of the new killer and survivor in Dead by Daylight?

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