Dead by Daylight: January 4 Developer Update Reveals Changes to Some Add-Ons

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In Dead by Daylight’s recent developer update, devs at Behaviour Interactive have revealed some adjustments to certain add-ons. They are going to be implemented in a patch slated for release tomorrow.

A Change to The Cannibal

Before anything else, they have found that some people were targeting players while using some of The Cannibal’s masks. For those who do not know, Bubba Sawyer, also known as “The Cannibal,” can unlock the faces of the four original Survivors by sacrificing them 25 times.

It seems that those who use him harass other people by wearing these masks. The developers condemn this behavior, and as a result, they’re going to remove The Cannibal’s unlockable faces in the upcoming Mid-Chapter update.

Those who have already unlocked the four faces will be compensated with 6,000 Iridescent Shards for the removal.

Add-on Changes

Anyway, the devs will make some adjustments to select add-ons in the game. If you are new to Dead by Daylight, add-ons are single-use items that can boost specific aspects of a Killer’s Power or a Survivor’s Item.

That said, some killers such as The Cannibal, The Clown, and the Twins will get adjustments to some of their add-ons.

The Cannibal’s Depth Gauge Rake, for example, will have its movement speed penalty during Chainsaw Dash reduced to 2%.

In addition, his Iridescent Flesh will have its maximum Tantrum duration lowered to five seconds from the previous eight. This is a considerable nerf, especially for those who want The Cannibal to maniacally kill Survivors with his trusty Chainsaw.

Here are the changes:

The Blight
  • Adrenaline Vial: Reduced the rush turn rate penalty to 55%
The Cannibal
  • Carburetor Tuning Guide: Reduced movement speed penalty to 2% (was 4%)
  • Long Guide Bar: Increased time before tantrum by 2 seconds (was 1)
The Clown
  • Solvent Jug: Increased duration of Invigoration by 2 seconds (was 1)
  • Robin Feather: Decreases cooldown by 40% (was 30%)
  • Flask of Bleach: Increases Hindered effect by 4% (was 5%)
  • Redhead’s Pinkie Finger: Reduces bottle count by 2
The Pig
  • Amanda’s Letter: Reduces available RBTs by 2 (was 3)
  • Last Will: Increases time to charge Ambush attacks by 33% (was 66%)
The Twins
  • Iridescent Pendant: Increased Exposed duration to 45 seconds (was 30)
  • Baby Teeth: Increased Blindness duration to 30 seconds (was 15)
  • Madeleine's Scarf: Increases Victor’s movement speed by 0.3m/s (was 0.4m/s)
  • Toy Sword: Decreases Pounce charge time by 0.2 seconds (was 0.25)
  • Stale Biscuit: Decreases Pounce cooldown by 0.4 seconds (was 0.5)
The Nemesis
  • Iridescent Umbrella Badge: Increased duration of Exposed effect to 60 seconds (was 30)
  • Shattered S.T.A.R.S Badge: Increases zombie movement speed by 150% for 60 seconds (was 100% for 60 seconds)
  • Marvin’s Blood: Increases mutation rate by 25% (was 33%)
  • Mikhail’s Eye: Increases zombie movement speed by 35% (was 50%)
The Huntress
  • Wooden Fox: Increased Undetectable duration to 30 seconds (was 15)
The Oni
  • Iridescent Family Crest: Increased range to 24 meters

You can learn more about the upcoming update here.

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