Dead by Daylight: Developers Revealed Their Future Plans for the Game

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Developers of the popular survival horror game Dead by Daylight have recently revealed their future plans for the title. The highlights include how patches will be delivered and how matchmaking will be optimized, among other things.

Patch Changes

The game has changed massively, both in content and file size, since its inception. As new content arrives, waiting time has increased as well. So, the developers want to trim down the update process moving forward.

Their plan is to split the files into smaller chunks, so you only have to download the changed parts instead of the whole game. But because Dead by Daylight has grown exponentially, downloading these smaller chunks still proved to be time-consuming as of now.

In the short term, those on PC will be able to download more compressed game files starting Mid-Chapter. This should speed up the updating process by up to 50%, and the disk space required will be decreased by roughly 18 GB.

Do not worry, as the devs will be restructuring the game files in a future update, which will affect all supported platforms. Patch times are expected to be up to 200% faster after this.

Keep in mind that these improvements would require you to re-download the entire game. However, this is a necessary sacrifice given that future updates will be much smoother.

Matchmaking Optimization

The developers have implemented Skill-based Matchmaking (SBMM) for some time now. They’ve found out that those new to the game are sometimes matched to those who are experienced.

To make things fair for newbies, they have changed the default rating so that first-time players will be matched with each other.

In addition, if someone leaves the lobby, the system would quickly find a replacement without taking into account the quality of the person who’s filling the roster. This, as you can tell, may lead to some matches where people would have to go against those who are out of their normal skill range. The devs are hoping to strike a balance between minimal wait times, ensuring that quality is never sacrificed in the process.

Other changes to the system matchmaking might be implemented at a later date when needed.

Ranking Changes

Disconnections can occur at any time, and it sucks if your rating goes down when they happen. Folks at Behaviour Interactive will implement optimizations to the SBMM system so that it’ll treat disconnects fairly, especially when it comes to altering your rating.

Furthermore, if you have a high rating and you haven’t played the game in a long time, you’re likely going to be rusty. There will be a mechanic that adjusts your rating if you’ve been away for a while, making your transition back to Dead by Daylight as smooth and forgiving as possible.

You can read more about the developers’ plans here.

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