Dead by Daylight: Finishing Mori System Introduced in Patch 6.3.0 PTB

Patch 6.3.0 PTB
Patch 6.3.0 PTB Twitter/@DeadByBHVR

Patch 6.3.0 for Dead by Daylight is now available on the game’s public test build. Those who are interested to try the new features can set their Steam clients to the appropriate branch to download this beta update.

Anyway, Patch 6.3.0 introduces the new Finishing Mori system, where massive changes have been implemented that affect how matches will end from here on out.

Killers truly shine in Dead by Daylight when their kill animation (also known as Mori) is activated. This only happens when killers equip the Memento Mori or a few select perks, until today.

With the new Finishing Mori System, using those things won’t be necessary, thanks to significant changes. When there’s only one survivor left, both the killer and the survivor will have their senses heightened, granting improved vision, increasing their field of view. If the last survivor is downed, the killer and the survivors are transported to a preset location on the map but devoid of obstacles. Then, the Killer’s Mori animation commences and any survivors in the trial will be killed by the Entity.

Another major change is that survivors who are downed but not killed will be able to stand up again after 45 seconds. This happens even without the help of any perk, and the time it takes for them to get back on their feet is affected by recovery speed effects like Unbreakable.

Here are the other changes players can expect with the new Finishing Mori System:

  • Moris are no longer available during the game.
  • The Onryō's Power, The Executioner's Power, and The Shape's Judith's Tombstone addon still function as before.
  • Mori Offering updates
    • Cypress Memento Mori offering will be renamed to "Cypress Demand." The new text will read, "Gain 8,000 blood points if you kill at least 2 survivors, and end the match with a Finishing Mori."
    • Ivory Memento Mori offering will be renamed to "Ivory Demand." The new text will read, "Gain 12,000 blood points if you kill at least 3 survivors, and end the match with a Finishing Mori."
  • Perk adjustments
    • No Mither: You suffer from the Broken status effect for the entire Trial, but gain the benefit from the follow effects: Pools of Blood are suppressed, When Injured or dying your Grunts of Pain are reduced by 25/50/75%, Your Recovery speed is increased by 15/20/25%.
    • Boon: Exponential: Survivors inside the Boon Totem's range benefit from the following effects: Increased dying self-recovery speed by 80/90/100%.

Take note that the Finishing Mori system will not be implemented in the final version of Patch 6.3.0. Developer Behaviour Interactive stated that this is due to production constraints and the localizations of the updated perks/offerings.

So, what do you think about the Finishing Mori System in Dead by Daylight?

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