Dead by Daylight: The Dredge Sparks Fear in Patch 6.0.0 PTB

Patch 6.0.0
Patch 6.0.0 PlayStation

Have you been playing the horror survival game Dead by Daylight for some time now? If so, you probably want the developers to add a new horrific killer that sparks fear in the hearts of the survivors just by the sight of it. Well, that is what the latest update is for.

The Dredge is now playable on the game’s public test build via Patch 6.0.0, which also introduces a new survivor.

New Killer

The Dredge is a manifestation of the dark thoughts of a once-vibrant community known as “The Fold.” This horrifying menace can teleport between lockers and spot survivors who are near lockers as well.

It has three perks, namely Dissolution, Darkness Revealed, and Septic Touch. Dissolution is sort of a buff that activates three seconds after injuring a survivor. When active, if a survivor vaults over a pallet inside The Dredge’s terror radius, the dark entity will break the pallet at the end of the vault, rendering the pallet unusable for other survivors.

The Darkness Revealed perk activates whenever the Dredge opens a locker. Doing so shows the auras of all survivors within eight meters of any locker on the map. This is great because the Dredge can just teleport to a nearby locker and get close to survivors.

And lastly, the Septic Touch perk makes survivors suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion whenever they perform the healing action within the Dredge’s terror radius. The effects linger for up to 10 seconds after a healing action is interrupted by any means.

New Survivor

Aside from the Dredge, a new survivor named Haddie Kaur has been introduced in Patch 6.0.0 PTB as well.

Haddie has a perk called Overzealous that can increase her generator repair speed by up to 6% after cleansing any totem. Although this is a good perk, it gets deactivated when Haddie loses a health state by any means. Her teammates should be on their toes and protect Haddie at all costs when she’s actively repairing a generator.

You can read all of Haddie Kaur’s perks here.

General Killer Perk

There’s a new perk available for all other killers in Dead by Daylight. This is called Shattered Hope, and what it does is basically destroy a Boon Totem whenever it is snuffed. Whenever you destroy a Boon Totem this way, the auras of all survivors within the Boon Totem’s range are revealed to you for 6/7/8 seconds.

If you want to try out the new content, hop onto the game’s public test build to download this update.

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