Dead by Daylight: Legion and Ghost Face Receives an Overhaul in Patch 5.7.0

The Legion
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The latest update for Dead by Daylight is now available on live servers. Killers such as the Legion and Ghost Face received some pretty significant changes. In addition, Patch 5.7.0 also changes how Hemorrhage works.

The Legion has a unique mechanic called Feral Frenzy. When activated, it gives him additional bonuses, such as increased movement speed and the ability to vault pallets without breaking them. In Patch 5.7.0, Legion now increases his movement speed by +0.2m/s for each successful hit of Feral Slash. This buff lasts for the remainder of Feral Frenzy. Besides that, after landing four successful hits with Feral Slash, the next Feral Slash puts the survivor into a dying state, also ending Feral Frenzy.

Danny Johnson, also known as the “Ghost Face,” wears the scary and familiar mask from the Scream movies. That said, Ghost Face can no longer be revealed by marked survivors. Furthermore, Ghost Face’s add-ons have been reworked. For instance, Olsen’s Journal now inflicts Oblivious to marked survivors.

As mentioned earlier, Patch 5.7.0 implements the Hemorrhage rework. Now, survivors affected by this status effect have their healing progression regress at a rate of 7% per second when not being healed.

Patch Notes

  • Removed the loss of power gauge on successful basic attacks
  • When Feral Frenzy ends, the power gauge now starts charging immediately (Previously waited for the fatigue sequence to end)
  • Reworked Add-on: Stab Wounds Study
    • The auras of Survivors who self-mend a Deep Wound from Feral Frenzy are shown for 4 seconds afterward
  • Reworked Add-on: Friendship Bracelet
    • Increases duration of lunges during Feral Frenzy by 0.3 seconds
  • Reworked Add-on: Smiley Face Pin
    • Survivors who self-mend a Deep Wound from Feral Frenzy are inflicted with Blindness for 60 seconds
  • Reviewed the technical implementation of the stalk and reveal mechanics
  • Reveal progress will now regress over a short time when a survivor loses sight of Ghost Face and resume when revealing starts again (Previously, losing sight of Ghost Face for a single frame would cause all reveal progress to be lost)
  • Reworked Add-on: Chewed Pen
  • Survivors that are in the dying state take 3 seconds to reveal The Ghost Face
  • Reworked Add-on: Knife Belt Clip
  • Reduces the Terror Radius by 8 meters when crouching
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Legion to gain stacks to Feral Slash when hitting a hooked survivor
  • Fixed an issue that caused healing progression to regress during the failed skill check penalty when affected by the Hemorrhage status effect

The full patch notes can be found on Dead by Daylight’s official website.

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