Dead By Daylight 4.1.0 Patch Notes: Aura System Reworked, Killers Balanced

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Behaviour Interactive, the developer of Dead By Daylight, has released a new update which fixes multiple bugs, adds new balances to the characters, and much more. The new features include a rework for the aura system, and also you can no longer change characters while searching for a match.

A major part of the update involves balancing changes made to the characters. The Cannibal got new chainsaw sweep charges, which are hard to master, but can be very effective. Other characters also were modified in the update, with all the changes mentioned below.

To find more information on the balances and bug fixes, you can read the full patch notes in the link below.

Dead By Daylight 4.1.0 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Aura Rework - Refactored the Aura System on a technical level to make sure the system is easier to maintain and less prone to bugs in the future. Visuals for the Refactor were changed to support the new refactor. Functionally the system has not been significantly changed, however the appearance of auras is noticeably different.
  • Added a Promo Code System to the Store - Keep your eyes on our forums / social media for promotional codes that you can use in-game in the future.
  • Killer Selection - Killers can no longer change characters while searching for a match / in a lobby (excluding custom matches). This will soon be used by the new matchmaking system to provide better match balance based on your skill with each killer individually, instead of a global killer rating.


The Cannibal

The Cannibal was one of our less-popular Killers, so we are pushing to lessen some of the character's weaknesses while chasing Survivors. Cannibal players will see a higher skill ceiling and new ways to master the power. His add-ons were changed to match our rarity composition requirements, remove overlap with the Hillbilly's add-ons, and open up more builds.

Power Changes

Added Chainsaw Sweep charges. Using the Chainsaw will consume a charge and trigger a Chainsaw Sweep. During this time, The Cannibal can extend the Chainsaw Sweep by pressing the power button before the power bar fully depletes. The more charges are used, the longer the miss cooldown / tantrum (if colliding with obstacles).

The numbers:

  • The Cannibal starts with three charges
  • Triggering the chainsaw will start a Chainsaw Sweep that lasts two seconds
  • During the Sweep, each charge used after that will reset the Chainsaw Sweep timer back to two seconds
  • Each additional charge used increases the missed chainsaw attack cooldown / tantrum duration by one second
  • Charges refill at a rate of one charge every four seconds when the chainsaw is not being used
  • The Cannibal’s maximum speed during a Chainsaw Sweep has increased to 5.29 m/s from 5.06 m/s

Furthermore, if The Cannibal revs the chainsaw for too long, a tantrum is automatically triggered for the base duration of five seconds.

When a tantrum is triggered, all remaining charges are consumed.

The tantrum meter will pause as soon as the power button is released and will start going down when the chainsaw is put away.

Add-ons: Updated most of his add-ons.

The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly has a versatile kit with traversal and double-damage effects as a part of his base power, leading this character to overperform compared to other Killers. These changes introduce a resource management aspect to place some limitations on access to his tools.

Power Changes

Added the overheat mechanic. Using the chainsaw will now build up heat. When reaching the maximum amount of heat, the chainsaw overheats and cannot be used until it has cooled off.

The numbers:

  • The chainsaw heat meter starts at zero.
  • Starting a rev adds five charges.
  • Actively revving adds eight charges per second
  • Actively sprinting adds two charges per second
  • When not using the chainsaw, the heat meter dissipates at a rate of negative five charges per second
  • When the chainsaw overheats, the heat meter dissipates at a rate of -6.6 charges per second

    If the heat meter reaches 100 charges, the chainsaw overheats.

    If the chainsaw overheats during a chainsaw sprint:

  • The sprint is not interrupted
  • The chainsaw goes through the cooldown phase after the sprint has ended

The heat meter will pause as soon as the power button is released and will start going down when the chainsaw is put away. Furthermore, the heat meter does not progress during The Hillbilly's various cooldown phases. This includes a chainsaw miss, a chainsaw hit and colliding with an obstacle.

Add-ons: Updated most of his add-ons.

Perk Updates

Franklin’s Demise

The changes to Franklin's Demise add a risk factor for Survivors so they need to balance the risk/reward of going after the dropped item within the time limit.

  • Franklin’s Demise: Instead of the item losing charges when dropped, the Entity will consume the item after 150/120/90 seconds if it is not picked up. Additionally, Franklin’s Demise will reveal the aura of items on the ground within 32 meters.

Knock Out

Knock Out has been underperforming and is underpicked by Killers. Adding the temporary slowdown to "crawling" fits the flavor of the perk while giving it another gameplay dimension.

  • Knock Out: Now triggers on basic attacks only. Additionally, Survivors put in the dying state by your basic attacks will crawl 50% slower for 15 seconds. During this time, they are affected by the Blindness status effect.


Lightborn's effect only partially resisted Blind effects in the past, but this often wasn't worth a full perk slot for a Killer and led to this perk being underutilized. These changes make it a more attractive option for Killers who want this effect.

  • Lightborn: Grants immunity to blindness caused by flashlights and firecrackers. Survivors that attempt blinding you have their aura revealed for 6/8/10 seconds.


Tinkerer has a useful effect but it was hard to get the full benefit of it due to the high repair progress threshold. Lowering that threshold and increasing the Undetectable duration makes it easier to use its benefits as a Killer.

  • Tinkerer: Now triggers at 70% (down from 85%) and grants the Undetectable status effect for 12/14/16 seconds (up from 8/10/12)

Bug Fixes


  • The Cannibal: Fixed an issue that caused the chainsaw SFX to continue playing when stunned while performing a chainsaw sweep.
  • The Doctor: Fixed an issue that caused Survivors outside of the Terror Radius to not hear the audio cue when charging the Static Blast ability.
  • The Hillbilly: Fixed an issue that caused the Hillbilly to not go into stun animation when letting go of the chainsaw sprint button at the same time as hitting a wall.
  • The Nurse: Fixed an issue that caused Jane Romero's hand to clip through her chest after the Nurse's Mori.
  • The Oni: Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to drop twice the amount of Blood Orbs when performing actions while injured.
  • The Oni: Fixed an issue that prevented entering Blood Fury if the power meter was filled while carrying a Survivor.
  • The Plague: Fixed an issue that activated Corruption mode instantly after a Survivor cleanses with the last Pool of Devotion instead of five seconds after a Survivor cleanses with the last Pool of Devotion.
  • The Plague: Fixed an issue that caused the Plague to briefly stagger and not return smoothly to her idle animation after falling from high ground.


  • Reverted the UI Scale back to the pre-4.0.0 size for players playing in 1440p and below as this was adversely affecting players in 1440p. The increased UI Scale now only affects players using 4K resolutions.
  • Added more feedback information on some error messages.
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