Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill Officially Announced, Launching June 16

Featuring Pyramid Head as the game's latest legendary killer.
Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill, the latest chapter in Dead by Daylight, has been announced for a June 16 release.
Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill, the latest chapter in Dead by Daylight, has been announced for a June 16 release. Behaviour Interactive

Developer Behaviour Interactive, in partnership with Konami, has just announced Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill, which will be the 16th chapter of the asymmetrical multiplayer horror survival title Dead by Daylight. In a press release, game director Mathieu Cote said “Silent Hill is such an iconic video game license and to add it to our legendary roster of horror is truly an honor. We hope players will have as much fun discovering this Chapter as we had in making it.” The latest DLC is currently live on the Public Test Build on Steam. It is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 16.

An overview on the developer’s website provides information on what players should expect for this brand-new chapter. First off is the game’s newest killer: the iconic Pyramid Head. Its new perks are Forced Penance, which inflicts Broken Status Effect for survivors who take Protection Hit. Next is Trail of Torment, wherein after kicking a generator, the killer becomes undetectable and reveals the generator’s aura in yellow to all survivors. Last is Deathbound, which takes effect when a survivor heals another for one Health State at least 32 metres away. This will then tag the healer with Deathbound, revealing their location.

The new survivor is Cheryl Mason. Her perks include Soul Guard, which grants the Endurance status effect after being healed or recovering from dying state. Next is Blood Pact, which interacts with the Killer Perk Obsession, revealing location and providing haste. Last is Repressed Alliance, which begins after repairing generators, after which it can be activated to call upon the entity to block the generator. Lastly, the new map added is the unsettlingly creepy Midwich Elementary School from the world of Silent Hill.

Dead by Daylight has collaborated with multiple horror media franchises since its release. The most notable ones are the Halloween franchise, which saw the addition of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which added Leatherface (known as The Cannibal in-game), the Saw franchise, with Amanda Young as The Pig, and the Scream franchise with Ghostface as the killer.

Dead by Daylight: Silent Hill will launch on all platforms on June 16.

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