Dead Cells July 4 Hotfix for Sound and Analog Stick Issues

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Dead Cells, the indie rogue-lite platformer, received a major update recently. The Breaking Barriers Update bought tons of new features and made the game more accessible. However, it also introduced some new bugs.

The developer, Motion Twin, released a hotfix that addressed some of these issues. Since it's just a hotfix, it's solely focused on bug fixes, so don't expect any new content. The glitchy sound effects are fixed and the stat icon will no longer be misaligned.

The bug where players couldn’t use the down input with the analog stick on controllers is finally fixed. The developer also says that if the issue persists, you need to set the controller setting to default and the problem should go away.

You can read the changelog below.

  • Can't use the down input with analog stick on controller. If the problem persists - reset the controller settings to default to fix it.
  • Glitchy sound effects
  • Crash when reloading a save where you are in Undying Shores
  • Issues with stat icons being misaligned and different sizes
  • "We recommend playing Dead Cells with a controller" message overlapping with "Show the update pop-up again" message
  • Boss HP resetting to full HP when you exit to main menu and reload
  • Affixes for oil dive attack and fire dive attack triggering at different heights
  • Auto-jump triggering while climbing, making it impossible to climb
  • Misplaced arrow in multiple lives selection
  • Dying to the vault challenge in The Bank with Continue Mode softlocks the game
  • Damage numbers on enemy hit have an arrow icon in the middle
  • Lock with dying on Time Keeper boss then Null Access crash on reload
  • Pollo Power effect affixes not working
  • Using Pollo Power while entering The Ossuary leaves you stuck in mid-air
  • Custom mode is displayed twice in the main menu
  • Sprite of item bought from a shop with a mimic remains on screen and can't be interacted with

You can read the complete patch notes via Steam. You can also purchase the game from there for only $12.49.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Dead Cells recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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