Dead Cells: Breaking Barriers Update Introduces New Accessibility Options and Assist Mode

Breaking Barriers Update
Breaking Barriers Update Steam

The developers of action platformer Dead Cells are committed to making the game more accessible to everyone. Thus, they launched an update called Breaking Barriers that introduces new accessibility options.

Some of these options include a shield toggle that, when enabled, will hold your avatar’s shield with just a simple press of a button (instead of a long-press). Additionally, you can enable "Hold Jump" to immediately initiate a second jump at the end of the first one.

New Accessibility Input Options
New Accessibility Input Options Steam

The Breaking Barriers Update features the new Assist Mode as well. This is basically a mode that allows you to make several adjustments to the gameplay of Dead Cells, including the ability to adjust enemy damage, trap damage, and enemy health in percent increments. Besides that, you can even enable the option to resurrect from the beginning of the biome each time you die. While the last one is controversial, the developers feel that it is a welcome feature as some people may die in the game due to things that are out of their control.


  • Hold to second jump
  • Hold to roll
  • Shield toggle option, instead of long press
  • More options to customize controls, especially actions that require a long press or a complex input + joystick action
  • Customizable interface size and transparency
  • Choice of game font styles (including pixelated)
  • Game font color customization
  • Font size can be changed for item names, item descriptions, and dialogues
  • Stats (Brutality/Tactics/Survival ) color customization: affects the stats color for the HUD, menus, icons, weapons, items, etc.
  • Texts in the stat selection menu no longer use "Red," "Purple," and "Green," but "Brutality," "Tactic," and "Survival"
  • Display stats icons (fist, lightning, plus sign) next to character stats
  • Add an outline to the Beheaded, projectiles, enemies, active skills, NPCs, and secrets. Outline colors can be customized
  • Add a colored filter between the background and foreground. The color and opacity of the filter can be freely customized
  • Synergy and stat icons in the equipment menu to help readability
  • No-blood mode
  • Adjustable particle limit (reduce the particle effect from enemies dying or weapon effects)
  • Option to toggle critical hit feedback
  • Adjust the size of the attack announcement exclamation mark
  • Adjust the volume of different sound effects separately
  • Barnacle: new crit condition on bleeding or poisoned targets to make it less awkward (and bad)
  • Magnetic Grenade: full rework: it doesn't send enemies flying around (often in your head) but instead pulls them towards the explosion
  • Biters pets: now way more resistant to attacks and effects that don't specifically target them

Dead Cells Breaking Barriers Update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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