Dead Cells: Boss Rush Update Now Live; Features New Ranged Weapon and More

Boss Rush Update
Boss Rush Update Twitter/@motiontwin

The Boss Rush Update for Dead Cells is now live on all platforms. In this patch, players can fight the different bosses in the game one after another, with some having modifiers to make things even more interesting.

Aside from the new challenge, there are other things introduced in the latest update as well. One of those things is the Glyphs of Peril - a new ranged weapon that increases the number of attacks in its combo as the player’s HP drops. If the player is in critical health, for example, the number of hits using this weapon increases to seven. What’s more, the player deals critical damage from the third hit onward.

The second is a new skill called Taunt. When used, the enemy in front of the player gets stronger and faster, but at the cost of taking more melee damage.

The third most notable addition in the Boss Rush Update is a new mutation called Wish. Once activated, the next item that the player picks up is upgraded to Legendary quality. However, this mutation gets locked in the loadout once it’s triggered. Wish can be acquired by beating the third stage in Boss Rush .

Patch Notes

  • Spartan Sandals: Super Bump (New affix: greatly increases the knockback of the weapon)
  • Oil Sword: Oil on Kill (New affix: spreads oil on the ground on kill)
  • Flint: Instant Charge (New affix: all attacks are fully charged without needing to hold the button)
  • Katana: Deflect Bullets (New affix: all uncharged attacks deflect bullets (but not grenades))
  • Killing Deck: Random Effect (New affix: every card applies a random debuff on targets)
  • Money Shooter: Pay to win (New affix: refund the shot's cost if it kills a target + innate super pierce. Can trigger multiple times if a shot kills several enemies.)
  • Bump Shield: Super Bump
  • Shockwave: Super Bump
  • Pollo Power: Miracle of Life (New affix: eggs hatch into chicks that attack nearby enemies)
  • Added a quick loading screen when using Return Stones.
  • Fixed Rapier and Meat Skewer not hitting small enemies.
  • Fixed the player not teleporting when falling into the Lighthouse fire with Gold Plating equipped.
  • Fixed Auto-Hit disabling itself while in Custom Mode
  • Fixed the "Curses leave you with 1HP instead of killing you" Custom Mode option showing up when not unlocked.
  • Fixed Legendary Affixes duplicating themselves when on Symmetrical Lance
  • Fixed "Curses leave you with 1HP instead of killing you" Custom Mode option working only once per run. It will now trigger every 45 seconds.
  • Fixed a crash when using Porcupack on a Thorny.
  • Fixed Shop Mimic keeping aggro even when the player was Invisible.
  • Fixed players with curses getting locked out of their weapons after completing the Bank Platforming Challenge.
  • Arrow Affixes and Grenade Affixes now properly scale with item damage multipliers.

Dead Cells Boss Rush Update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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