Dead Cells: Boss Rush Update Now in Beta

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Do you think you have what it takes to beat different bosses in Dead Cells? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the Boss Rush Update is now available in the beta branch, after stewing in the alpha for more than a week. If you’re interested in trying the new features out, head over to Steam and select the “Betas” tab from the drop-down box when right-clicking the game.

As you can tell by the name, the Boss Rush Update for Dead Cells pits you against different bosses back-to-back. If you’re confident that you can beat them, there’s a new area accessible through the basement door in the Prisoner’s Quarters. Go there to find a door with the red boss head next to it.

Boss Rush Update
Boss Rush Update Steam

Entering it will get you to an area with another four doors, which leads to four different stages. Two of those stages will have you face three or five bosses one after another. The other two will have you defeat the same number of bosses, albeit with modifiers that will make the fights even more challenging.

That said, some changes are implemented now that the Boss Rush Update is in beta. The modified version of the Queen is now impervious to damage during her slicing interphases. Furthermore, the trio of Calliope, Euterpe, and Kleio (also known as “The Servants”) are now more aggressive than ever, though Euterpe has been slowed down a bit.

Here are the other changes:

  • Modified Scarecrow no longer spawns Spikers.
  • Modified Conjunctivius now has 15% less health and does not deactivate platforms periodically anymore.
  • Glyphs of Peril and Magic Bow are now Tactics only.
  • Taunt now has a cooldown.
  • Taunt legendary affix - Troll: now taunts everything in range instead of just one target.
  • Glyphs of Peril legendary affix: Overshield on crit: grants 4% max health as overshield (blue health) for 15 seconds, stackable.
  • The 3 new items must now be unlocked for cells at the Collector.
  • Disabled the Giant Killer, Wish and spoiler weapon in Boss Rush.
  • Wish no longer works on weapons that have been recently equipped or are in the backpack.
  • Added a triple treasure at the start of the Boss Rush.
  • Rebalanced Boss Rush shops' prices and content.
  • Cells no longer drop from bosses in the Boss Rush, except for the final one. The final boss doesn't drop gold anymore.
  • Arrow and Grenade affixes now properly scale with item damage multipliers
  • Malaise no longer increases in transition areas
  • Fixed not being able to reset equipped Perks before starting a Boss Rush run
Boss Rush Update
Boss Rush Update Steam

So, what can you say about the Boss Rush Beta Update for Dead Cells?

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