Dead Cells July 26 Update Brings Balancing Changes, QoL Tweaks, and More

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Dead Cells' latest patch is quite an interesting one. The July 26 patch brought tons of balancing changes, rework of Gilded Yumi, Legendary Affix changes, QoL features, and bug fixes. The patch removed the pushback on Rampart's force field and increased the initial damage of Barbed Tips.

Gilded Yumi rework is a big one. Its ammo count is reduced to two, and the overall weapon speed is increased; it is now considered a Heavy Weapon. Its arrow speed has decreased and now pierces all enemies. Bosses will also get dragged by arrows more.

The patch also makes sure that Dive Attack’s double tap input option is now consistent and reliable.

  • The recovery after Wrecking Ball's 3rd hit and 4th hit has been greatly reduced i.e. you can dodge roll/jump much quicker after the hits. The 3rd attack can also be canceled without losing your combo.
  • Full Life Damage is not a starred affix anymore.
  • Barbed Tips damage of each stack is reduced the more arrows there are in the enemy. 1 arrow = 40dmg, 2 arrows = 74dmg, 3 arrows = 104dmg, etc.
  • Removed Hand Hook's first hit and greatly reduced the lock of the last attack.
  • Added new Legendary Affix, exclusive to Serenade: Durability Up, the sword pet never expires. Please note that the only translations of this affix are in French or English right now.
  • Gilded Yumi rework:
    • Now has a 2-hit combo, which shoots the second arrow faster.
    • Increased the base damage, reduced the crit multiplier.
    • Damage now longer gets split between hit enemies.
    • No longer stuns in an AoE on hit.
Legendary Affix Changes
  • Double Crossb-o-matic: Super Pierce
  • Explosive Crossbow: Super Pierce
  • Heavy Crossbow: Super Pierce
  • Giant Whistle: Echo
  • Tornado: Double Speed
  • Spiked Boots: Run Speed on Crit
  • Cluster Grenade: Echo
  • Balanced Blade: Run Speed on Crit
  • Hank Hook: Bleed on Hit
  • Serenade: Durability Up
Level Design
  • Added decorations in the Panchaku Lore Room
Graphics and UI
  • Weapons' icons on the HUD now fade away when their controls are locked.
  • Updated the credits.
Quality of Life
  • Added an angry eye on some animations, with the Bobby Outfit.

The complete changelog can be read via Steam.

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