DC Universe Online Introduces New Bonus Boss For Birds Of Prey Today

A challenge to the birds.
A challenge to the birds. WB Games

DC Universe Online is giving the Birds of Prey a new challenge. In this one our heroines need to take a giant Calculator Bot down which has been going around Metropolis. The problem is that even the villain who came up with this monstrosity is having a tough time controlling it.

The Calculator boss, mission, and rewards, are set to be launched today, May 28. In addition, all of these are going to become permanent additions to the game.

The new content offers four new feats. In the game, feats are self-contained challenges that, when completed, award points to the players. The new feats are Rogue AI, Broken First Law, Error 404, and Permanent Shut Down.

With the new challenges come new rewards and these are:

  • Birds of Prey: Metropolis: Calculator Bot
    • Beghilos Emblem
    • Info Broker Emblem
    • Calculator Uplink Device (orbital strike)
    • ORCL Uplink Device (orbital strike)
  • Birds of Prey: Lex Tower (solo)
    • Lobo’s Chained Hook
    • Lobo’s Chained Hooks
  • Birds of Prey: Volcano Mining Facility
    • Henchmen Uplink Device: LexCorp Security Robots
  • Birds of Prey: Vendor (after completing the Permanent Shutdown feat)
    • Enhanced Beghilos Emblem
    • Enhnaced Info Broker Emblem

That’s not all the rewards available as players who complete weekly missions get rewarded with Lex Coins.

New Marketplace Offers

Aside from the new challenge, DC Universe Online is offering something new in the marketplace. The first is the Resurgence Mega Capsule, which includes nine of the game’s previous Time Capsules that are already unlocked and ready to be opened. These are:

  • Paradox Time Capsule
  • Assassin Time Capsule
  • Kryptonian Time Capsule
  • Cursed Gotham Time Capsule
  • Atlantean Time Capsule
  • Shazam! Time Capsule
  • Dark Knights Time Capsule
  • Dark Multiverse Time Capsule
  • Oracle’s Time Capsule
New offers.
New offers. WB Games

That’s not all as this same Mega Capsule comes with the bonus Neon Chroma Pack which randomly includes one of these:

  • Black Composite Neon Chroma Pack
  • Blue Composite Neon Chroma Pack
  • Electrum Neon Chroma Pack
  • Golden Neon Chroma Pack
  • Green Hex Neon Chroma Pack
  • Iridescent Neon Chroma Pack
  • Steel Neon Chroma Pack
  • Orange Hex Neon Chroma Pack
  • Pearl Neon Chroma Pack
  • Purple Neon Chroma Pack
  • Quartz Neon Chroma Pack
  • Red Composite Neon Chroma Pack
  • Red Vinyl Neon Chroma Pack
  • Blue Vinyl Neon Chroma Pack
  • Arctic Neon Cam Chroma Pack
  • Neon Camo Chroma Pack

The Resurgence Mega Capsule can be obtained through in-game drops or purchased through the Marketplace. This is available until June 24.

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