DC Universe Online Says Flashpoint Episode is Free

A treat for all players.
A treat for all players. Dimensional Ink Games

DC Universe Online is all set to release its 40th episode this month. It’s exciting since it’s about Flashpoint. But what made the news better is that the World of Flashpoint will be free to all players.

This is significant for players because they need to get an all-access membership to play each episode. Non-members can still gain access though they must pay a certain amount to unlock episodes.

In a post, developers said that the reason why they’re offering Episode 40 for free is that they’re looking to see how it works for players. In particular, they don’t want to sell an episode to players and then give it away a few months later to everyone. Those who have the memberships already don’t need to worry since upcoming changes will be implemented soon.

They also made clarifications to avoid confusion. First, the promotion is only Episode 40. To get full access to other episodes, players still need to buy them or pay for the membership. Second, the free offer of Episode 40 won’t change the structure or even the content of the said episode or future episodes.

Flashpoint at a Glance

For this particular new episode, players can expect:

  • The World of Flashpoint offers standard and elite versions of all On Duty content.
  • This includes level-agnostic event versions that are available for a limited time.
  • ​The content includes open-world missions in addition to a duo, an alert, and two raids.
  • The episode features Flashpoint-inspired versions of DC's most iconic characters, which include Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg.
  • The storyline includes adventures set across a wide range of Flashpoint-inspired locales, including Flashpoint Gotham City and Nightmare Central City.
  • The episode offers new player rewards like gear, styles, base items, and feats.

Read more about this upcoming new episode here.

Bonus Catalyst Week

DC Universe Online is holding another Bonus Catalyst Week starting today until April 7. During this period, Artifact Catalysts have a chance to drop in instanced content (On Duty) in Episodes 31 to 39. Additionally, Augment Catalysts now have a chance to drop in instanced content from Episodes 34 to 39.

Once players have the catalysts they need, they can maximize the benefits with a free Unstable Seal of Completion. Seals of Completion guarantee the success of an Artifact Breakthrough, regarding the rank or chances. Beware that this seal is unstable and decays after seven days. That means you have until April 7 to claim the free gift.

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