DayZ Adds New Sensitivity Settings and Gameplay Improvements in Update 1.17

Update 1.17
Update 1.17 Twitter/@DayZ

Update 1.17 for DayZ is now available on all platforms. This massive update brings a ton of quality-of-life changes, including new sensitivity settings, a revision of the existing control scheme, and the addition of an alternative control scheme.

The console versions of the game have benefited the most in terms of gameplay improvements. For instance, initiating a heavy attack is now possible just by pressing the Y button instead of holding it to do the same thing. VoIP functionality is not available while you’re using your inventory by default. However, you can still speak when voice activation is active.

The action system has been improved as well. Cycling through different actions can now be done by using the mouse wheel on PC or by pressing the up or down buttons on your controller’s D-pad.

Since DayZ is a survival game, the developers added some new mechanics to make the game even more challenging. For example, gas masks and cookware now get damaged over time when used.


  • VOIP "push-to-talk" and "toggle voice activation" have been moved from DPAD-down to DPAD-left
  • "Cycle fire mode" has been moved from DPAD-left to LT (Left Trigger) (I.E. while in raised hands) + DPAD-right
  • A new optional control scheme added
  • Brooms can be lit and used as a torch
  • Additional sensitivity settings (camera, aiming)
  • Voice activation setting for VOIP
  • Ability to go back and forth through multiple actions on the same item
  • New point of interest on Livonia
  • The burning duration of torches now correctly depends on the amount of fuel
  • Bark can now be harvested with axes
  • Drain and pour liquid actions are now properly separated
  • Food can be baked in cookware even without lard or water
  • Food loses its quantity when cooked in cookware even without lard or water
  • Players are no longer able to get into a vehicle while holding a heavy item
  • Action inputs will be prioritized over inventory actions
  • Fireplaces start heating up the player character faster now
  • Gear could not be added to other player's inventories
  • Dropped items were pushed upwards in certain situations
  • Focus zoom briefly reset during several actions in the 1st person
  • Certain gestures would make the character float above the ground when executed in prone
  • Light and heavy melee attack combinations would sometimes result in too much damage

DayZ Update 1.17 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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