DayZ: Experimental Update 1.16 Introduces Bizon SMG and Alarm Clock

DayZ Experimental Update 1.16
DayZ Experimental Update 1.16 Twitter/@DayZ

DayZ is a horror-survival game where your main mission is to survive against anyone (or anything) that tries to kill you. Recently, a new experimental update is made available on the PC version, and it introduces the Bizon submachine gun and Alarm Clock.

New Content

Two notable things have been added. The first is the Russian submachine gun, Bizon. It is equipped with a 64-round magazine, which is only fitting given its high rate of fire.

The other new addition is the Alarm Clock. This rather inconspicuous item can be used to lure enemies in a certain direction. If you are devious, you can use this to steer zombies to an enemy player, for example.

Notable Adjustments

Burying things in DayZ lets you prolong its persistence. Basically, if you want your gear or items to remain even if the server restarts, you bury them somewhere safe.

That said, Update 1.16 made huge changes - one of which is that it’s no longer possible to bury Ruined items, particularly the Backpack and Teddy Bear.

Another significant change is that you can now use the Pickaxe to bury bodies, in addition to burying other stuff.

Update Highlights

  • Increased energy and water given by mushrooms (similar to fruits now)
  • Some jackets can now be torn into rags similar to their pants-counterpart
  • Crafting an item using the metal wire will produce an item with the same health as the metal wire used
  • First Aid Kits and Teddy Bears can now be repaired with sewing kits
  • Bear traps now don't kill infected, but just break their legs
  • Damaging a tent now also damages items stored inside
  • Disabled leaning while sprinting
  • Player sometimes step forward during melee combat with a close target while only intended for far targets
  • Moving with broken legs while crouched could deal unsteady amounts of shock damage
  • Dug up items were levitating above the ground
  • The player could be desynced if their legs were broken during an action
  • The player could be desynced if their legs were broken while swapping items
  • Traps were not reacting to vehicles
  • Respawn points for server switching were not functioning as intended

The full list of changes can be found on the game’s official website. Do note that this update is only available on PC.

So, what can you say about the changes that have been implemented in this experimental patch?

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