Dauntless: Update 1.8.1 Introduces New Omnicell and Balancing Changes

Dauntless Update 1.8.1
Dauntless Update 1.8.1 Phoenix Labs Inc.

Dauntless, developed by Phoenix Labs Inc., has released a new update. Update 1.8.1 introduced a new Omnicell that gradually sucks the life out of you in exchange for extra damage to your enemies. Balancing changes are expected as well.

New Omnicell: Revenant

For those who are new to the game, an Omnicell is a craftable gear that helps make your builds stronger. It has an active and passive ability, so you should create one that suits you.

That being said, there is a new Omnicell called the Revenant. Its active ability will transform you into a Revenant while also spawning a Void Orb. This orb will grant you a stack of Void Energy, which not only gives you a 4% damage boost but will extend the Revenant state by one second per stack as well.

Furthermore, every 100 HP drained from you will summon an Umbral Tendril that deals 700 Umbral damage. If the tendril hits a target, it will spawn an additional Void Orb.

Even though this Omnicell provides you with many benefits, it does have one huge drawback and that is a continuous HP drain while you’re in the Revenant state. This is where the passive ability comes in handy.

You will gain 2% lifesteal and each accumulated stack of Void Energy while you’re in that state heals you 125 HP per second for 10 seconds. However, bear in mind that you will only regain health when the transformation ends, so exercise caution.

The Revenant can be crafted using the Vengeful Hearts dropped by a new enemy called the Bloodshot Shrowd. They reside in the Shattered Isles and are generally stronger and more devious than their regular counterparts.

Update 1.8.1 Highlights


Ace Chips
  • Ace chips will automatically be converted to aetherdust in patch 1.8.3 at the rate of 12 aetherdust per ace chip
  • Players can also convert early by purchasing aetherdust directly from the store at the same rate (1:12)
  • Increase rare cells dusting from 20 aetherdust to 25
  • Increase epic cells dusting from 40 aetherdust to 50


  • Corruption pools now have a small delay between when they’re spawned and when they apply the corruption effect
  • Shadowtouched Koshai can now be staggered during its “Spreading Corruption” attack


  • Removed the Shockwaves and High Alert island events on Twilight Sanctuary
  • Added the Ritual of Blood island event to Twilight Sanctuary
  • The Infernal Gaze island event found on The Blazeworks no longer includes lava walls. Instead, the event now includes blaze danger zones and splitting lava


  • Omnicells’ active abilities are now listed before passive abilities in the equipment details
  • Empty perk slots now have perk specific tip text


  • Improved performance when claiming a bounty
  • Improved performance when using a curiosity

Dauntless Update 1.8.1 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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