Dauntless Introduces New Slayer's Path Leveling System

Dauntless Dauntless

Phoenix Labs announced that its free-to-play monster-hunter game Dauntless will receive an overhaul to the Slayer progression system. The new system is now called The Slayer's Path, and it'll go live on December 3 via the Dauntless Reforged update. The last update for Dauntless was Alchemy of War released in October. That update made some minor balancing changes and introduced a new Hunt Pass.

Phoenix Labs explained that Dauntless had problems with character progression. These are "visibility" and "agency." What Phoenix Labs meant was players don't get the necessary information on Slayer and weapon progressions. So, the new update would make things clearer. Players would know what they need to complete a specific mastery challenge.

Slayer's Path
Slayer's Path Dauntless

Developers also talked about how the progression in Dauntless was limited by quests. It made the experience quite linear. But the new Slayer Path system may change the progression completely. The Slayer Path will branch out into the main path and side paths. Each of these paths will have several nodes that players need to unlock. These nodes require certain tasks or investing your Rams or Merits to unlock.

Dauntless Merits
Dauntless Merits Dauntless

Merits are a new form of currency planned for Dauntless. Merits will be specifically used to unlock nodes in the Slayer's Path. Completing select quests, opening patrol chests, and conquering events in the Hunting Grounds can give Merits. Moreover, some Slayer progression will reward you with Merits.

When the Slayer's Path comes in, the Reforged update will remove the weapon progression system. Players no longer have to upgrade their weapons from level 1 to 15. Though, weapons will have tiers. Tier One is the weakest and Tier 3 is the strongest.

For the late-game, Dauntless will introduce a brand-new feature called Reforging. This lets you further upgrade your weapons beyond their normal limits. Escalations are going to get a lot more fun. Phoenix Labs has a lot more to share on what's coming in Dauntless' Reforged update, and you can check that out here.

Dauntless is free-to-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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