Dauntless New Massive Expansion Live: Hunting Grounds, Slayer's Path, and Updated Gear Progression

A lot of new things.
A lot of new things. Phoenix Labs

Dauntless dropped its latest expansion today and it’s pretty massive. Dubbed as “Reforged,” it introduces the game’s yet most ambitious hunt experience ever. There’s also the new progression system that players are sure to love. Players can too expect the reworked weapon and armor progression. Of course, the Cold Front Hunt Pass is included.

Hunting Grounds

Remember when we said that this was a big update? Well, here's proof. The Hunting Grounds is giving players the chance to explore 18 dynamic islands. Each island can hold as many as six Slayers at a time. Players can drop-in and drop-out on all islands and can even soar the skies with gliders.

Slayer’s Path

The update is welcoming a new progression system. This new system features branching. Players can now dictate their path through the Shattered Isles. There’s the Main Path that runs vertically and consists of 12 milestones.

Side Paths are offered as well. These are accessible every time a player unlocks a milestone on the main path. Each branch has nodes that lead to different things like unlocking new islands or hunting types, which give weapon mods.

Gear Progression

The rework on how to power up their weapons and armor is live. Both armor and weapons no longer progress from level 1 to 15. Instead, they are divided into tiers that determine their base power score. This means whenever a player crafts a new weapon, it immediately becomes useful.

New Hunt Pass

Launching along with Reforged is the new Cold Front Hunt Pass. There are several tracks offered, starting with the Free Track. Everyone can access this and earn rewards. The Elite Track comes with 50 levels of in-game rewards and 4 extra Vault coins on each Prestige level.

Players may want to take advantage of the Elite Track Bundle, offered at a 30% discount. This includes the Elite Track and 15 level skips.

The new Hunt Pass is available from December 4 to February 5.

Learn more about Reforged here.

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